How long have you been reading Diana Gabaldon's books? (Poll Closed)
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    • Marianne Drake - 6 months ago

      Just started reading Outlander. I am in awe of Diana Gabaldon's writing. Her historical accuracy and ability to weave such interesting, riveting tales is a gift to all of us.

    • Pat C - 6 months ago

      My friend had recommended I read Outlander and invited me to her home the night Season 1 ep 1 aired. I drove straight from there to Barnes & Noble and bought the first book. I am hooked and although all my life I have read and read and read all kinds of books, I am having a hard time finding something to read that holds my interest. I keep going back to Diana's books. Just bought a new copy of BOSAA because my old one was falling apart. (My favorite). I have "loaned" the
      Outlander book to 3 different people and have never had it returned to me. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

    • ann lucas - 7 months ago

      started watching outlander over 1 yr ago started reading about 10 months ago love reading on season 5

    • Ann Marie Ibar - 7 months ago

      I was captivated by the STARZ promotional ads with Billboard sized photos of Sam (Jamie) and Claire (Cait). I was heading to the airport after a great week in NYC and I put the date of the series start in my phone. It has been an adventure ever since. The StarZ series led me to Diana’s books and novellas. As Donna said above, the story and the emotions generated resonate through all the phases of life. One of my favorite decorative pieces is a 31/2” x 51/2” marble trinket box In my living room with the engraving -“ Da Mi Basia Mille,” (give me a thousand kisses). I have had it for many years and now the connection to the Outlander epic makes it even more special and meaningful.

    • Kate - 7 months ago

      Read an article in the paper last year about season 4--this piqued my interest. So my husband and I started watching the series from the beginning. After the first episode I didn't think he would want to watch anymore but I was wrong. We plowed through all four seasons in about 3 months. In the meantime I started reading the books. Book 8 was my favorite, although I loved book 1 and 3 as well. Have also read all the ancillary novellas and stories. Looking forward to BEES.

    • Meg - 7 months ago

      I heard about the books and show from a co-worker maybe 4 years ago. Finally got around to listening to the first book when it was on sale on Audible in July of 2017 when my marriage was on the rocks. This series has saved me during the last 2+ years, night after night, as listening has kept me from ruminating on things I couldn’t solve. Jamie and Claire’s love story and adventures have provided necessary distraction, but also taught me a few things about what good relationships look like. It’s been so reassuring to hear how many have actually found their own Jamies. (I’ve had a few Franks, but no Jamies.) I’ve lived a blessed life in oh so many ways and whether Jamie comes along or not, I’ve gotten so much strength and joy from the books and TV series. It’s rather miraculous. I’m forever grateful to Diana Gabaldon.

    • @Ciocia - 7 months ago

      Just discovered Outlander in Feb., one snowy weekend. Binged the series on Netflix—had the library books on hold the following weekend. Now on my third re-read,

    • Magdalena Kiss - 7 months ago

      Just discovered the books after watching the Outlander series on Netflix starting September 2019. I read the first two books in Romanian but I was not satisfied with the translation and began to read from book one in English on kindle. I love the characters so much and I have to say I discovered that the books are quite different from the series. Anyway, the great performance of Sam Hueghan and Caitriona Balfe gave a face to Jamie and Claire.

    • Laura Dreyer - 7 months ago

      Friend at work was so excited telling me about this time traveler book she just finished reading. That was about 25 years ago, when I was in my 20's. Soon after I read Books 1-3 when I ordered the set from Literary Guild. And since then was hooked. Read all the books and all LJG books. Have reread them since TV series on and actually enjoy them more. Especially the mature side of the relationship, now that I'm 51. I am patiently awaiting Book 9! Thank you, Diana, for putting words on paper and giving us the gift of Claire and Jamie's story!

    • Isabell Carter - 7 months ago

      I started Reading the Outlander series in early 1990's. I have reread the series each time a new book came out and often in between. I have loaned the books to family and friends and somehow they are never retiuurned. I have finally got a complete set on my Kindle. I still have complete set I watch the series on Starz whenever I want. Looking forward to the next book.

    • Jennifer McKay - 7 months ago

      I started reading Outlander in the early 90s having in-depth discussions with my coworkers and wearing out sooo many copies "lending" them to people. I still do.

    • Lea stein - 7 months ago

      I read Outlander when it was first published. I immediately became a huge fan of Diana’s writing. I have reread the Outlander series over and over again as I always see something new in them and nothing has ever given me such pleasure. The Starz adaption has been a great addition as I could not have imagined better actors bringing the books to “life”. Like many devotees, I have personal comparisons between my life and Claire’s (being a nurse, raising a daughter in a failed marriage, waiting 20 years to find my Jamie... who is now battling terminal cancer.). Diana’s books have touched so many lives and I am so grateful. I look forward to reading Bees in 2020.

    • Jenny wilson - 7 months ago

      Started reading when we moved with my hubbys career in the police force, 4 kids , new area, knew no one. I have been waiting on the next book ever since and don’t want that to end. These are the only books that I can reread as many times as I want and still find new things. 26yrs so far.

    • Krista Hoffman - 7 months ago

      Somehow I didn’t know Outlander existed until this year. My friend mentioned how good it was and since then, I’ve watched all 4 seasons of the show (at least twice) and I’ve read all of the main books. I’ve even purchased both of DG’s Outlander Companion books. I may have been a late bloomer but I’m “all in” now and a Huge Fan of all things Outlander. ❤️

    • Bobbi Newlander - 7 months ago

      I read each of them, as well as all of the interleaving Lord John, and the 7 Stones--ALL Y'ALL. The audio books got me through some very rough times. I feel at home with the extended family! It's a warm fuzzy place to hang out when the real world sucks. And I am SO looking forward to "Bees" as well as anything else Diana writes. Even her grocery list?!
      Well, maybe not. Anyhow, stay well and prosper, Diana. You are appreciated!

    • Liz Karl - 7 months ago

      I first read Outlander when I found it in the romance section (sorry, Diana!) of my book club. It never occurred to me that there would be a sequel until I found Dragonfly in Amber in the same book club. I start the series all over again each time a new book comes out.

    • Allyson Jaenson - 7 months ago

      Started watching in the summer of 2017; read all the paperback books at least twice and am now on my 2nd reading on Kindle; also read all the John Grey series; love them!!!

    • Yvonne Hokke - 7 months ago

      I've read the books fir the first time in 2005 ( still reading them.9ver and over again).The serie I saw the first time on the Belgian tv about 2 jears ago.Still love both very muchI can't wait to see season 4 on Netflix next week ,Hope that season 5 will follow soon .
      My deepest wishes/ dream is to being a day( ore more????) on the set behind the scenes ,see how it is made ????????Greetings Yvonne Hokke from Holland

    • Kasia - 7 months ago

      Just discovered the books, I'm not very happy with the translation to Polish language but do enjoy them in original version!

    • broughps - 7 months ago

      I read the first four books and then quit until the show began. Not sure now why I quit. Have read them all now multiple times.

    • Marli Lopes de Assunção e moro - 7 months ago

      I started with the series in January, 2017. After watching the two first seasons, I've begun with the books. I read the 8 big books in 52 days. And, then, all the others: The Outlandish Companions ( 1 e 2), LG series, the other novels.. in english and portuguese, when available.
      Some of them I read only twice, some three or.more times...
      And waiting for BEES and for S5. By now.

    • Laurel Gugliuzza - 7 months ago

      I started reading them about a year before the show started. My husband told me about the show and love it ALMOST as much as the books. I'm currently reading the books for the 4th time. It's such a richly developed set of characters. ❤❤❤❤

    • Shari - 7 months ago

      I started reading during the first droughtlander during the middle of season 1. I finished all 8 books before the 2nd half of season 1 started up.

    • Beverly Poe - 7 months ago

      I’ve been reading them in a loop since the season 2 finale. Downloaded Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber. I didn’t sleep much that summer. I read all 8 books by August.

    • Lisa Woody - 7 months ago

      I believe I first read some of them as a teenager and then found the book series again after the first season on Starz began. Since then I have reread the whole series including Lord John Grey books so often I’m embarrassed to say. Each time you find things you missed and little nuisances that when first read You didn’t realize their full meaning until reading further into the series. She puts a lot of twists and turns in things so it feels like it changes between books making things just one huge storyline to me. I have enjoyed Jamie and Claire’s journey and look forward to Bees ???? coming out.

    • Donna LaCroix - 7 months ago

      I re-read these books over and over--always find some small nuance I haven't appreciated before. Because I am at a different point in my life this time, it really hits me anew. Love these characters!

    • Elizabeth castillo - 7 months ago

      I started to read books of Diana, when I discovered Outlander series, I have watched all seasons in four months, while I have been reading the books.

    • Yvonne English - 7 months ago

      Read all books i think 4 times, feel like a 5 year old at christmas waiting for Bees to come out!!!!!!

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