Do you plan to eat a Popeeye's chicken sandwich?

  • No, I'm good on that!
    15 votes

  • Yes but I'm gonna wait for a while
    37 votes

  • Yes right away
    19 votes


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  • John - 4 months ago

    I had one the first go round. If you like popeyes, then you can taste the essence of popeyes in the sandwich. And it's a nice sized filet with that flaky crunch, compared to the cfa sandwich which is usually smaller and has that pressure cooker fried breading. It's not as wide as a Bojangles cajun filet, but nice sized. And the bread and sauce is good.

  • Fabiola Alcime - 4 months ago

    I've actually never had Popeye's before and I live within walking distance of one, maybe 5 minutes. Any time I tell people that I'm that close to one and never had it, it's like I was cussing out their favorite cousin. I figure I don't need to be addicted to another fast food business. My pockets, arteries, and overall health will thank me.

  • Amber - 4 months ago

    I’m SO happy I finally got one *ahem* two of them sandwiches! The first time they came out I drove to 2 or 3 different Popeyes and they were all sold out. This time I went to Popeyes around 11 and yes there was already a line smh but I got my sandwich! I got the spicy version and it was yummy!

  • Iman - 4 months ago

    I wasn’t planning on getting one, but my husband got me one. I didn't get one the first time around and I was annoyed because my husband went MULTIPLE TIMES and never brought one home so I could try it. There’s only two Popeyes I know of in my city and they’re both out of my way. He usually works closer to that side of town. His excuse was he wouldn’t want to give me a cold sandwich. Like warming things up isn’t a thing. Lol
    So, I was surprised when we actually got in line Sunday and bought three; one for him, his mom, and me. It was good. I can’t say it’s better than Chick-fil-A, but it’s better than Wendy’s. Their coleslaw is good and if you put it on the sandwich, then the sandwich is better than Chick-fil-A’s.

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