National Girls Performer Of The Week (10/28-11/3) (Poll Closed)
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  • Suzanne Weldon - 10 months ago

    Please note Indiana is single class running. All schools compete in one race to determine the champion! Erin had a phenomenal race and I believe ran the second or maybe third fastest time in Indiana State history.

  • Trish Bannister - 10 months ago

    Erin deserves our vote in my opinion due to her grace in winning. She is always quick to complement her competitors and to thank them for helping push her, she recognizes her team and coaches as reasons why she is at where she is at. You do not that awareness and poise in many 17 year olds. I think not only should she win due to her performance but because of her attitude towards those who surround her.

  • Christine - 10 months ago

    Erin’s performance was not only dominating it was incredible. In Indiana XC is all one class so little schools compete against our largest schools. Erin comes from a school of about 1100 student not super small but small compared to our schools that have 6000 students. She was undefeated going into state, ranked number one and running without her teammates for the first time since she qualified as a freshman. She handle all the pressures and came home with the state championship. She also set a new PR and a new school record for BDHS. it was a dominating performance.

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