Would you work in the fast food industry if they raised minimum wage to a livable wage?

  • John - 11 months ago

    Fast food was my first job, more than 25 years ago. It's hard, honest work. But I had some burns that only faded in the last ten years. Lunch rushes sucked. And it took a decade before I could stand to eat food from that place again. The smell of the grease and food just sticks with you, and you eat so much of it til you can't stand it.

    But, it was fun. We were cooks, and we were back there rappin, dancing our way to the cooler, etc. Well, that depended on which manager was on shift. There's always one (at least) that is a killjoy.

  • Amber - 11 months ago

    I worked in fast food and retail in high school and college and when I say NEVER AGAIN. I had a manager who used the motto “if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” $15 still ain’t enough.

  • Iman - 11 months ago

    No, I already know I wouldn’t be able to do it. Which is why I always try to be nice to service workers. And I hate tipping culture in America. I’ll pay more for food and services if I didn’t have to tip. Because it makes me feel super awkward. It’s like playing a horrible game of “What Do I Think You’re Worth” hosted by Wayne Brady. I know other people revel in those types of interactions, but I don’t. It so funny when you mentioned some servers being rude because that’s how it is in Paris. We went to this famous hot chocolate place called Angelina’s and the Waitrs are so snooty. To EVERYONE! They treat customers like they should be luck that they got to taste the food. Lol. But you know what we didn’t have to do? Tip them! Same with England, we tried to tip this lady at this noodle shop because she was so lovely and a wonderful server. And she looked so confused and slightly insulted and just said “We don’t tip here”. It was great. People provided stellar service because they want you to come back not because they’re worried about a tip. The same should go for Fast Food workers, they always looked stressed and grumpy, except Chick-fil-a workers.

  • Alicia - 11 months ago

    Retail and fast food are two industries I will NEVER work in again. People are such assholes to the workers for no good reason. And management usually expects you to take it! I worked at Chick-Fil-A in high school and man, even those well meaning white people would get nasty about they food. And I had an old man that used to move his dentures around (with this tongue) when he was trying to decide what to order. Eww. But I will encourage my kids to work at chick fil a so they can come home with some free food ;) Or Kohl's because they give the best employee discounts! (you know niggas always gotta get the hook up when you work somewhere lol)

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