Did someone save Kelly?

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  • Blue Wave Rider - 4 months ago

    Shout out to that Henry hatin', Arby's lovin' E>V>E. Wanna split some loaded curly fries, boo?

  • Blue Wave Rider - 4 months ago

    NEGAN IS BACK!!!!!! I wanted this nigga dead when he killed Glen and Abraham, but people are a resource....even Negan.

    Please put a reading list on you website.

  • Karena Benford - 5 months ago

    Hi Rod & Karen, I think that Carol saved Kelly but she didn't want folks to know that she's been whisperer hunting. Side note, I think that Earl and Alden will make weapons regardless of what Yumiko said. - Tootietaurus

  • Turq - 5 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    Remember when Daryl rolled down the side of that cliff and saved himself? I will say Kelly rolled down that bunny hill and saved herself.



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