What should the tree be called?
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  • Ricardo L Jomarron - 8 months ago

    Wasn’t The Christmas tree originally a Pagan Soltice tree? Isn’t it from Latvia officially after that? Freedom of religion includes all religions and even freedom from religion. On Christmas, we’re all equal. Call the tree anything you want. Holiday tree vs. Grab them by the pussy, which is worse? With the hysteria over Islam, holiday might be more welcoming. If we weren’t so anti-regulation, cockpit security door regulations would have happened decades before 9/12 after the hundreds of high jackings in the decades leading to 9/11, we wouldn’t be wetting our pants. Anti-regulation folks should take a bow for making 9/11 possible. Same genius thinkers/pants wetters think a 5% shift of GDP toward renewable energy will sink our economy. But shifting up to 40% of GDP into planes getting shot down and US warships sunk, managed to grow GDP during WW2. May everyone Think bigger and be happier.

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