Will the collaboration between Allscripts and Northwell result in delivery of a commercially successful EHR within three years? (Poll Closed)
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  • HIT Guru - 1 year ago

    In all likelihood, Allscripts had to commit to whatever Northwell wanted to get an extension.
    If Northwell left for Epic (like every one of their peers), it would cripple

  • Frank Poggio - 1 year ago

    No way! it's been tried a dozen times (check Vince's HIT History) by vendors with far more resources than Allscripts (eg. IBM, MSFT ) and failed. Even if they produce a product it will be 'tailored' to Northwell, then need to be generalized for the market. A costly, complex, and time consuming process.

  • Kenneth Paulson - 1 year ago

    Allscripts started developing Avenel 5 years ago and it isn’t commercially available yet.
    Also it was designed for 40 doc and under practices, not 5000 docs as Northwell has.

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