Myles Garrett Suspended From The Browns


  • Chuck Willis - 3 years ago

    This unfortunate incident is reminiscent of the NBA Indiana Detroit rumble featuring Betta World Peace. I contend that The NFL should review the film and also suspended the Steelers players who held and punched Miles Garrett while the other player kicked Garrett in his helmet multiple times as well as Steelers Quarterback who clearly initiated an effort to grab and pull Garrett's helmet off his head. Until all players are punished fairly for their actions (as the NBA as well as baseball has been able to do) the NFL is again responding unfairly to this very sensitive issue. Clearly this incident should be impartially reviewed and better rules should be enacted by the NFL such as the NBA's Flagrant 1 & 2 foul rules in place to enforce disciplined play.

  • Andrea Jones - 3 years ago

    Wow such a good game last night we are finally taking initiative to mark our feet in the sand and stand up for ourselves this is something that we had to do is nothing like standing up for yourselves I do not promote violence by any means necessary but it will come a time the nice guy will have to stand up for himself keep moving forward Browns this is only something very small the other big things we got going on keep our eye on the prize and let’s get it

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