Have you ever kept driving a car despite the engine light staying on?


  • Sofa King - 4 years ago

    That bank balance be a motherfucker. I've had to drive for months with the engine light on, because the repairs simply weren't in the budget.

  • MizzBarnes72 - 4 years ago

    The level of denial when I see the engine light!!!

    I've went through so many cars and the process is the same............a bunch of prayer, the stress of dealing with a mechanic, where am I getting the money, how can I get to work, a bunch of sweating.......just a bunch of STRESS when I see that damn light on.

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    I’m with Alicia! I have done a wing and a prayer driving for a good part of my earlier driving life. I seriously thought that was a rhetorical question! I’m also concerned that Karen had bad chicken gizzards. What the what?! I literally went out and bought two packs and had one and finna eat that second one today. Yummy ???? Y’all keep me laughing! I enjoy y’all so much

  • Alicia - 4 years ago

    Nigga, have I?? I had me a 2000 Ford Contour and drove that bitch till the wheels fell off Literally. I drove 2 years with the light on before it died on me (it had an O2 sensor issue). I did the whole unplug the battery and wait 15 minutes then plug it back up hurry up and go get my emissions. The struggle is real.

  • TheShayDeeDame - 4 years ago

    You guys have a ????whole MF WORD TODAY with that opening book excerpt.
    I had to pause the episode to vent.
    You are SO RIGHT. Feminism is different for black women. We couldn’t join in the bra burning, free love, and all of that shit.
    We can’t burn our bras, because we have to worry about “respectability” from both sides.
    The same applies for free love. White women burned bras and joined free love to take their power back.
    That wasn’t the case for black women, because as soon as we hit puberty, we are seen as being fully grown sexually available adults.
    White women are often coddled and protected. For them, rebuking that shit is empowering. For us, we are DESPERATE to be coddled and protected. Bra burning and free love just don’t bring that to the table.
    The same applies for women’s rights, and how white women were fighting to get into the workplace. When black women have been working since we were fucking kidnapped and brought here.
    What is heaven for one is hell for the other.

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