Does Bruce Allen keep his job after this season?

  • Fred Schattenstein - 7 months ago

    It would help, but the bottom line, in my opinion, Mr. Snyder needs to be fired. He may have increased the value of the team, but he's run the organization down, in many ways, and the overall status of the team won't change until he sells.
    I've been a fan for over 55 years, and even though they've had bad seasons, i never felt things were as bad as they are with him owning the team, regardless of our record each year.

  • Kenny Armstrong - 8 months ago

    I pray Allen that doesn't stay!!!! Our number one priority should be to hire a competent GM, then allow that GM to run the football operations. My only fear is that if Allen is fired, you know who will be making the decision on who next the GM will be. This could prescribe another 10 years of losing and embarrassment. But with that said, let's get Allen out first!! HTTR

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