Best of CBB, 2019 (Vote for 10 of Your Favorites)

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  • Katelynsofresh - 11 months ago

    Three words: “8 lil choices”

  • no halloween episode - 11 months ago

    no halloween episode :'(

  • EGrubs - 11 months ago

    Lily Sullivan was awesome this year. All in all lots of great episodes

  • Processed Cheese - 11 months ago

    The hardest I have ever laughed at a single episode of CBB was when Memphis Kanzas Breeze performed a horn solo in the middle of "Truck Prom Dance". And I was on a public bus at the time.

  • Jon - 11 months ago

    voted OJ Simpson ep #612 and then voted for anything Paul F. Tompkins. Easy Peasy!

  • Glenn - 11 months ago

    Probably the worst year yet. Only about 13 good episodes. The three to leave out are very difficult though.

  • Charles Morrow - 11 months ago

    Lil' Choices was a real standout for me. Not only was it hilarious, but I got weirdly wrapped up in the story (as did everyone on the actual show). Hope it's on the list! And, of course, Memphis Kansas Breeze.

  • Pete R - 11 months ago

    Right off the Batman had me crying for 60+ minutes. Legit one of the best of the ENTIRE series not just 2019 (though released at the end of 2018 thus not making it qualify for 2018's Best of)

    "I watched 'Paterno' on a plane"
    "Fun watch?"


  • Jake Albrecht (Watertown, CT) - 11 months ago

    Joe Wengert is the one that made me laugh out loud the most when the demon makes him get down on his knees and "get little like me and give me little kisses"

  • Matthew - 11 months ago

    If Memphis Kansas Breeze doesn’t make number 1, I will kill myself, through assisted suicide, if I ever get a terminal illness.

  • Sam J - 11 months ago

    The episode that sticks out the most to me this year is 606 Treasure Hunting. I'm always stoked when PFT does Brock Lovett and this was my favourite appearance of that character, I listened to it on a drive home and it just really stayed with me as a really enjoyable episode. Lot's of good stuff this year, though!

  • Also Jesse - 11 months ago

    This year I wanted to reward new talent, while acknowledging the work of longtime faves.
    My notes from the year:

    576 Andy Daly as Joe Bongo teacher, Tim Baltz as Randy Snutz
    577 Flula the German, Lily Sullivan as girlfriend
    578 PFT as Sugar Hill Guy and Bobby Moynihan as Batman (top 5 episode)
    582 Joe Wengert as laconic baseball coach w/demon problem
    601 Kulap, Aussie gym rat, marriage counselor
    607 Judge Ho Ego Nwodim (off the rails)
    614 W hotel owner (Bean Dip), Randy Snutz (TOP 10) that’s what I said (Tim Baltz)
    622 Jason Manzoukas, Rudy North, elderly high school play reviewer, bobble head museum
    624 Greener Grass, BitCoin prospector (Griffin Newman) Jennifer Lopez assistant (Laci Mosley)(Top 5 new character)
    627 Jiavani Linayao as Middle school team mgr

    He's barely in my countdown but this year I've particularly appreciated Jon Gabrus. His lightning wit continually amazes me.

  • zipzapzop - 11 months ago

    Did anyone else love #607 with Ego Nwodim & Betsy Sodaro as much as me? Judge Heaux Brown and Icky Spice were so great.

    Also, Drew Tarver for MVP!

  • can - 11 months ago

    Attempting to put them into an actual top 10:

    1. #616 Memphis Kansas Breeze
    2. #612 The Juice is Loose
    3. #588 Lil' Choices
    4. #622 Pillow Coffin
    5. #591 UnbeWiebeble
    6. #592 The PeeE Neuers
    7. #576 What the Sound Made
    8. #600 Patrick McMahon Returns
    9. #577 Miss-pered
    10. #584 Wierdamony Alimony Tony

    Honorable Mentions (chronologically):

    #594 Now it's Time for a Breakdown
    #601 20th Anniversary Special
    #604 Hashtag Song Goals
    #614 Bean Dip and Randy Snutz Return
    #626 Trickery and Rhythm

  • Rob - 11 months ago

    My top 10 (chronologically):

    578: Right Off The Batman (PFT, Moynihan)
    588: Lil' Choices (Mantzoukas, Middleditch)
    589: Werewolfwithal (Oswalt, Andy Daly)
    595: Mother's Olive Oil (Adejuyigbe, Tart, Limperis)
    600: A Story About Johnny Magory (Mantzoukas, Andy Daly)
    604: Hashtag Song Goals (Seth Green, Tart, Ozeri, Jon Daly)
    605: Treasure Hunting (PFT, McKenna, Silversun Pickups)
    611: TindTeacher (Gabrus, Safi, Oyama, Momplaisir)
    612: The Juice is Loose (Pardo, Tart, Lauren Ashley)
    616: Memphis Kansas Breeze (Diston, Tarver, Tart, YACHT)

  • Alicia McLean - 11 months ago

    Memphis Kansas Breeze!!!

  • Aaron Keller - 11 months ago

    Lily Sullivan needs some votes. She killed it this year.

  • Crybaby Jones - 11 months ago

    Ctr+F "Drew Tarver" and click dem eps!

  • Nizzle Skafizzle - 11 months ago

    Burbank is The Good Place is sooo underrated!!!!!!

  • Denny Jasper - 11 months ago

    Upon further review of the comments, MSL is mentioned quite a few times. My mistake! Carry on! Beep honk toot honk.

  • Denny Jasper - 11 months ago

    Looks like Memphis Kansas Breeze is a (well deserved) shoe-in but I hope we’re not forgetting about Martin Sheffield Lickley’s ‘Love Gym’ in the Batman 99 episode.

    My wife and I have been singing that song all year.

  • Eric K - 11 months ago

    Sprague the Whisperer and the Saga of Jud Wiebe were the highlights of the year.

    My top 10 are:

    #577 - Miss-pered (Sprague The Whisperer #1)
    #578 - Right Off The Batman
    #579 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular
    #588 - Lil' Choices
    #591 - UnbeWiebeble (Sprague The Whisperer #2)
    #592 - The PeeE Neurs
    #595 - Mother's Olive Oil (Chief!!!)
    #605 - Full Ninja Rights (Sprague The Whisperer #3)
    #616 - Memphis Kansas Breeze
    #596 - Mr. Met and the Legitimate Witch

  • TedE - 1 year ago

    No justice in this world if Right of the Batman is not No 1.

    My top 10 in chronological order:
    578 - Right off the Batman
    584 - Weirdamony Alimony Tony
    589 - Werewolfwithal
    595 - Mother's Olive Oil
    596 - Mr Met and the Legitimate Witch
    600 - Patrick McMahon Returns
    603 - Fastidious Makover
    612 - The Juice is Loose
    623 - The Pragmatic Jokers
    628 - Floating Bus Reform

  • Mitch - 1 year ago

    Honk Beep

  • robbie - 1 year ago

    beep beep toot beep honk honk

  • PlugYou - 1 year ago

    You're welcome

  • Caro - 1 year ago

    Lil Choices had me rolling. It is for sure #1

  • Eeks - 1 year ago

    forget lil choices, these were some DIFFICULT choices! This year had so many great episodes!

  • ct - 1 year ago

    In no order!

  • Mark Olver - 1 year ago


  • Elizabeth P - 1 year ago

    I could listen to Thomas Middleditch every week. Lil’ Choices. Absolute favorite.

  • who me? - 1 year ago

    PFT and Bibby are the best - Right Off the Batman is for sure my #1

  • Aaron Koser - 1 year ago

    toot honk..

  • Flumpy Lumpr - 1 year ago

    Memphis Kansas Breeze for the win this year. Honk, Beep, Toot, Beep, BABY!

  • Boss Scaggz - 1 year ago

    I agree with Memphis Kansas Breeze and Hashtag Song Goals, but don't forget about Bean Dip and Tim Robinson

  • wcw - 1 year ago

    Thanks so much for putting the episode recaps on the ballot this year. Very helpful!

  • Driving Beauty Queens - 1 year ago


    drew tarver for real the best.

    But also max Silverstri is funny too

  • Teddy Wahle - 1 year ago

    Memphis Kansas breeze should win 10 times

  • Will - 1 year ago

    I put a reminder in just to vote for Memphis Kansas Breeze at the end of the year

  • Boom City - 1 year ago

    My ten fwiw

    Lil choices
    Memphis Kansas breeze
    Holiday spectacular
    Bennyschwa and Horatio
    Hashtag song goals
    The peeE neuers
    Martin Sheffield lickley
    Mr fastidious
    Randy useless

  • Boom City - 1 year ago

    Hashtag song goals are going too be the next Calvin's twins. Came out early in the year so it may only make like 9th or 10th but there is so much room for more adventures and lore.

    Thomas middleditch twisted my arm on Lil choices but I'm not sleeping on BIG DOG either.

    Good move keeping tenth anniversary off the list

  • Nick - 1 year ago

    Why isn't 599 (the ten hour episode) on the list?

  • Jimmy - 1 year ago

    Thanks for a wonderful year of comedy every monday

  • Schmutzee - 1 year ago

    Awesome year! Standout eps for me:
    Memphis Kansas Breeze and The Chastman family
    Carl Tart is for sure the MVP, and any ep with Zeke Nicholson and Thomas Middleditch is always a treat.

  • Eric Deric - 1 year ago

    Nice to see all the love for Hashtag Song Goals in here. Definitely in my top 3 along with Memphis Kansas Breeze and Lil' Choices

  • OJ - 1 year ago

    Ok, you all take care now

  • Just Me - 1 year ago

    Memphis Kansas Breeze! And any and every episode with Martin Sheffield Lickly.

  • Johnny Flash - 1 year ago

    WHO, ME???

    I remember listening to #578 Right Off The Batman over and over again in the weeks after it came out. It kept sending me into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Definitely needs to be up there.


  • Caro - 1 year ago

    Also Zeke playing Peter Griffin!

  • Caro - 1 year ago

    LIL’ Choices!
    Randy Snutz!
    Entree P NEWER!

  • cheebed - 1 year ago

    I love you and I'm in love with you

  • Sam - 1 year ago

    Specific new characters that won my vote: Gemberling’s wiping expert, Carl’s Appetizer P. Neuer, Moynihan’s Batman, Neil’s Mr. Fastidious. Carl Tart is quite clearly this year’s MVP. Last year I’m pretty sure I said it was Sean Diston or Ego Nwodim. You take care!

  • K - 1 year ago

    It was an okay year.

  • J - 1 year ago

    This was a really good year.

  • LabeSonofNat - 1 year ago

    Speaking of not sleeping, don't forget about the beautiful sleepover energy of 615: The Chastman Family! Tatiana, Kristian, PFT, Kirby, and Scott have a lovely and silly conversation followed by a lovely and silly improv.

  • Weekendthingray - 1 year ago

    Memphis Kansas Breeze blows it all up.

  • Reamonn Tiu - 1 year ago

    My Top 10:
    Don't Stop or We'll Die
    Holiday Spectacular
    Ben and Horatio
    Lil Choices
    600th w/ Jason and Andy
    Hashtag Song Goals
    Nite Wolf
    Memphis Kansas Breeze
    Will Hines University Initiation

  • Michael Janbroers - 1 year ago

    I love you

  • Jason Mantis - 1 year ago

    Heck yes.

  • looker - 1 year ago

    I completely forgot about Hashtag Song Goals! Damn I wish I had voted for that too.

  • Dale-yuh - 1 year ago

    Yay! I contributed! Memphis Kansas Breeze is my flurping favorite Lol

  • Fil - 1 year ago

    Memphis Kansas Breeze all the way!

  • mwn - 1 year ago

    Do not sleep on Hashtag Song Goals!! It's impossible to find clips on youtube for some reason, but that song about Roger Stone made me laugh REAL big

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