Does the bathroom at your job have liners?

  • Marc - 8 months ago

    No liners in my office (at least not in the men's room). I have never been able to get one of those to stay affixed to the seat anyway. I would rather drive all the way home than "deuce" at the office; I don't understand the guys who go in with the morning paper or their smartphone - ready to "clock in for business".

  • MizzBarnes72 - 8 months ago

    At my job, we have bathroom serial killers.

    These heifers would just desecrate our bathrooms.

    Taking monster dumps and not flushing OR clogging up the toilets, taking menstrual products and trying to flush them, smearing feces on the walls....just disgusting.

    But the GREATEST OFFENSE was NOT washing their hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These hoes would be so bold to go out of the stall and keep it moving. I'm thinking, there is a level of hell build just for these hoes.

  • Alicia - 8 months ago

    Fun Fact of the Day: Other countries don't even have toilet seats (European countries, white people nasty lol) . Just a commode (as my grandma would say).

    Also, Karen I hear you! I don't have the upper body strength to lift my small child to hover over the toilet so now I just tell her to stand on the toilet and squat. She is good for having to go # 2 in public and No she can't hold it. She like to take her sweet time too, smh.

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