Did Jada mess up by not physically murdering TI live on Facebook?


  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 4 years ago

    T.I. going to get what he deserves. Jada out her living her best life, and she doesn't need to mess up for that fool. I wish there was more of a pushback regarding the idea of moms controlling daughters' bodies. Parents care for their children's by feeding them, dressing them, and making sure they are appropriately prepared for life. The hymen thing is beyond that. *Smh* this hits a nerve and I can't really think to hard about it without getting emotional.

  • Marc - 4 years ago

    To quote Sofia from "Color Purple" - "he ain't worth it". Let that man do right by his daughter, or live in his shame. Either way, it's on him.

  • Iman - 4 years ago

    I mean if you can’t trust your friend to shank you, are you really friends?
    “Nigga you’d done messed up!” *shank, shank, shank, shank, shank*

    T.I in hospital: and the doctor said Jada missed all my major arteries and organs, that’s why I know sis cares about me. I understand patriarchy now. A term I’d NEVER heard before.

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