Who was Patrick Patterson calling a "bulldog?"

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  • Blue Wave Rider - 3 months ago

    Queen Karen,

    I support the banning of plastic grocery bags. I usually take my reusable bag into the store....FOLDED UP!!!

  • Kemdoc - 3 months ago

    After them black football players toasted to ‘having more light skinned babies’ with their white wives at the table I kinda just assume that mindset is rampant among black athletes and move on to my happy place away from that anti black shyt. Misogynoir and anti blackness strikes at any time and the stray bullets are hitting different nowadays. Maybe this is a case of clowning gone horribly wrong but guess what, he’s still rich and I don’t give a damn Lolol. Good luck to those involved though. Beautiful gowns. Beautiful gowns.

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