Are you ready for a completely wireless iPhone today?

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  • Paul S. - 2 months ago

    Would absolutely go wireless but only if CarPlay is wireless!!

  • Greg Bishop - 2 months ago

    Well the iphone wave concept is a good one if it can be made to work. Microwaving my phone to full charge in under a minute is the way to go.

  • Through hiker - 2 months ago

    When I use my iPhone out in the wild, I travel as light as I can. I carry a small battery to keep my phone and watch charged. I use wired headphones because they don’t need to be charged. Missing an external port would be a deal killer for me when I don’t see an electric socket for a week. I need a light weight, compact way to charge my phone and listen to music and podcasts.

    It is interesting that so many are concerned about car play. I found a Bluetooth device on Amazon that connects to my car radio to play music.

    I am more concerned about connecting my iPhone to my PC or an external storage device to offload the plethora of pictures that I don’t need to carry around or pay Apple to keep in the cloud for me. I also use the lightning connection to view pictures or presentations on a large screen using a HDMI dongle. Where is the wireless fix for that?

  • Keyhou - 2 months ago

    I’m really confident:
    - Ultra WideBand for CarPlay (in the continuity of 5G)
    - you can charge an iPhone with a Qi battery case: Mophie Juice Pack Access
    - Samsung Galaxy’s have Fast Qi charging at 15W (and reverse wireless charging at 9W)
    - Diagnostics: a connector inside the SIM slot, the same as the Apple Watch ?
    - they have to give wireless headphones and wireless charger in the box... so maybe they will create a magnetic Qi charger or something ?
    I think they could surprise us on this !

  • Arthur2Sheds - 2 months ago

    If the article is to believed then the comment, 'The change would first come to the “highest-end model,” then spread downmarket to the rest of the iPhone lineup'. implies that those that can afford it may be the pathfinders so that by the time all the wrinkles have been ironed out, mere mortals can afford the completely wireless iPhone.

    As stated, batteries will be much more efficient by 2021 and, perhaps, protective covers containing additional battery power will provide extra wireless charging. As mentioned by other commentators, its the cost of replacing accessories that will be the biggest (read costliest) hurdle. However, how often has Apple listened to its fan base?

  • Knut Erik Ballestad - 2 months ago

    Wireless charging still has a major problem - it generates a lot of heat!

    - so if you use your phone heavily while charging it, it will overheat and shut down.

    One example is that if you for example navigate using your phone. Then you constantly re-draw the screen content, usually quite frequent. At the same time you do frequent GPS location updates and also quite frequent 4G traffic with map updates. If you at the same time add more heat by charging wirelessly (or even quick-charging wirelessly) your phone will overheat.

  • Marco - 2 months ago

    What about the loss of USB assistive devices?
    And of support for lightning flash drives and of the lightning to SD card camera reader?
    Plus, as others have mentioned, no support for audiophile quality wired headphones?

    While the iPad is expanding its high quality wired connectivity options, the iPhone would lose them all. Really?

  • Mitch - 2 months ago

    No mention of headphones ? Many of us still use the iPhone as a storage device for our large ripped music collections and choose to listen to that music with high quality headphones. It is simply not possible to get the same level of fidelity via wireless solutions. And for argument sake, even if we accept a lower quality wireless connection, how are we meant to connect our existing expensive headphones to a device without ports ? Will Apple bundle a Bluetooth or wifi receiver/headphone adapter with the iPhone ? Yeah , not too likely.

  • George - 2 months ago

    If they can come up with a solution for AirPlay, I’m all for it. The rest of the drawbacks are a small price to pay for losing messy, mangled wireless.

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