Have you ever caught someone cheating on you?

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 10 months ago

    Kinda. I pieced it together and forced a confession. I'm glad I didn't walk in anything untoward because I'd be in jail.

  • The.Shay.Dee.Dame - 10 months ago

    Continued...because my stupid dog knocked into my hand and made me accidentally click “submit comment” ????
    ...she was under the impression that they were in a relationship, also.
    While I was on the phone with her I sent texts to him (On the phone that she was using to call me, ha!) telling him that we were over. Blocked his ass and deleted him.
    Though I still talk to his girlfriend every now and then. She’s good people and deserves better, but not everyone has the strength to leave. Apparently he told her that I was a crazy chick that was stalking him. Never mind the hundreds of stupid texts that you send when you’re in a relationship.
    They were still together when she sent me a congrats ig message for my wedding a few months ago.
    At this point they have been together for at least 7years, so she told me that they’re at the point of no return. Could NOT be me, baby.

  • The.Shay.Dee.Dame - 10 months ago

    I sure as hell did!!! I had been dating a guy for 2 years and one night at 1am I got a call from his phone. It was his ACTUAL girlfriend, who he had been with for THREE years.
    I was obviously mortified, because I was under the impression that we were in a committed relationship.
    Apparently, she knew he was up to something (well, duh, he would spend most weekends at my house) and used his fingerprint to unlock his phone after he was knocked out on Ambien and had been reading through all of our texts.
    The two of us were on the phone for about an hour, and after about 15 minutes it turned into me playing therapist for HER ass, because she was under the

  • Alicia McCoy - 10 months ago

    His dumb ass, texted me instead of the other chick the next morning, talking about what a wonderful time he had last night. At this time I was away at college and hadn't seen him all week!!!! It's funny how I never go snooping in relationships but somehow find out their mess.

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