What Tires are you Using?

  • Robert Summers - 6 weeks ago

    I got my ‘05 in 2015 with 18,000 miles and still on the ORIGIONAL tires????.

    I replaced them with Potenza RE-71R tires which are an “Ultra Summer Performance Tire”.

    I expected them to be sketchy in the rain but it’s absolutely the opposite! They are a surprisingly exceptional rain tire at normal speeds, no experience above 90mph, but perfect bellow probably due to their super high mechanical grip.

    Speaking of grip, MASSIVE! Too much actually. It’s nearly impossible to break the rear end loose and you can feel the rear differential chattering when making right turns before it warms up.

    The extra grip also exacerbates the tendency to follow or grab the road, pulling the steering wheel toward whatever tire is touching a groove in the road. No holding the steering wheel with your knees on secondary streets!

    Noise levels were not bad as the basic tread design is typically better at reducing tire noise, and these cars are HIGHLY susceptible to road noise issues.

    All-in-all, an amazing tire if you’re looking for jaw dropping levels of grip that will also be perfectly safe in the rain. Tires are 107% useless in snow. Like, unable to make it up a 3% grade useless LOL.

    Tires are now 4 years old and have about 10,000 “spirited” miles on them. Rears are close to needing replacement, fronts are about 50% but will likely get replaced before early due to age.

  • Mike Yap - 3 months ago

    PS4s is the goto tyre for our DB9 a very nice all rounder indeed. Next change I will go with the Good Year Super Sport which I run in my Golf GTi better steering feel, overall grip wet or dry.

  • Ed - 1 year ago

    This may get me laughed off the website, but... I've just ordered Vredestein Quatrac Pros to replace the Bridgstone Potenzas that the previous owner installed ten years ago. The fact that the Vredestein Quatracs are half the price of the Michelin Pilot Sports has me a little hesitant about this decision, but I'm rolling the dice. While the traction ratings aren't as good, the all-weather capability, comfort/noise rating, and excellent tread-life have me optimistic. I'll let you know how they work out for me after putting some miles on them.

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