Should medical marijuana be legalized in WI?

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  • Eddie Nichols - 3 months ago

    Why is this still an issue? Lets legalize completely, now! Its quite obvious that the only opposition is the republicans who are in control. That is the main point in all of this, "control." The republicans are old school run by old dirty bastards who are in bed with the old nixon era pot laws. They know that free cannabis use would mean that adults would be more sociable, more friendly towards others, and the most dangerous is the way cannabis allows free flow of thoughts and ideas and they don't want that. They know its safe and effective for just about every ailment. The opposition is still alive an well in these four areas. Church, Law Enforcement (old ones) , Republicans (most of them) and finally the 1000 pound gorilla that is in control of the whole thing and that is Big Pharma. They throw their weight in billions of dollars towards the other three in creating opposition with monetary compensation. In my eyes, that is highly illegal and immoral. We should get rid of the legislature in Wisconsin and leave it up to the vote of the people in which would pass in a heartbeat. One last thing if you are still uncertain about Cannabis, here is a fact for you. Cannabis in all forms does not and will not EVER kill anyone. Cannabis consumption by adults 21 or older, be it medically or recreational does not infringe on the rights of any one. These two facts alone are the reason Cannabis should be legal nationwide AND the rest of the world as well.

  • WILLIAM D KIMBALL - 3 months ago

    Republicans need to be replaced. It would create jobs and bring in hefty taxes instead of hitting the home owner. They are behind the times. Many will go to Illnois and bring it here and we lose money as the story goes call that moron that is running for Congress and tell him.

  • Art Dexter - 3 months ago

    Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana should be legal. Marijuana has medicinal qualities that tobacco and alcohol have not. For more than eighty years, marijuana has been illegal! Lost years to provide research for medicinal qualities.
    All these years, marijuana has been in the “company” with barbiturates, cocaine, and heroin. Marijuana is a natural plant that isn’t distilled or mixed in a test tube.
    And, also, marijuana can still be purchased by small children! And these small children go to the “store” that sells cocaine, barbiturates and heroin!
    People have argued that marijuana is a gateway drug. The single reason why is that the sellers make more money on the heroin, barbiturates and cocaine. The dealers will push the sale of the hard drugs !Let us close this GATE!

  • Republican Fitzgerald Constituent - 3 months ago

    Not only should medical marijuana be legalized, but Scott Fitzgerald specifically should be recalled immediately! I just wish the Attorney General would charge him with the manslaughter charges he is guilty of!
    His recall is because he has refused to listen to his "Super Majority" (67-69%) of medical marijuana supporting constituents in favor of his own unsubstantiated personal "reefer madness" beliefs. Additionally, He has used his political position and inaccurate personal beliefs to promote the black market criminal marijuana industry in Wisconsin that has now spread to all 50 states.
    The unregulated criminal cannabis industry is the sole culprit for providing toxic medicine to the general public, pretending that their medicinal vape carts came from the legal regulated cannabis states. Instead, they cut the vape carts with Vitamin E Fortified Oil containing the more stable form of Vitamin E called Vitamin E Acetate typically intended for the Lotion Industry.
    Scott Fitzgerald has been promoting this unregulated black market industry by refusing legal reform to accept the scientifically proven research by even the FDA (Epidiolex Approval) that has allowed marijuana legalization in over half our country already, and his negligence to react to this research has thus killed 42 people and made 2,172 people sick and the numbers are continuing to rise. We impeached the President of the United States that made marijuana a controlled substance because Nixon was a criminal, why should Scott Fitzgerald be treated any different than him?

  • Doug Kinart - 3 months ago

    Marijuana saved my life. I was on oxycodone for 13 years and all of a sudden my Dr. Tells me he got a letter from the state and he has to wean me off completely or he could loose his license. I asked him what can you give me instead he said tylenol I said I'm already taken that. So I was getting injections in my back from a pain clinic and asked the doctor if he would take over my pain medication and he said no and good luck finding a Dr. that would because your being weened off oxycodone and if turn to heroin and Die your family would sue the doctor. So I was being weened off from 300 pills a month too o in 3 months. It wasn't bad at first but after 2 months withdrawals were so bad I couldn't stand it anymore. I talked to the Dr. And he said try cutting them in half. Well that didn't go well at about 3 AM I had withdrawals so bad I couldn't stand it nausea diarrhea chills and like cold ants crawling over my body. Then I remember seeing a show on TV about how marijuana can help with withdrawals and I remembered I had some from years ago and and smoked a little. The results were amazing I could feel the cold ants and chills leaving my body. The next morning I was fine and no withdrawals so I smoked a little more that night and I had no withdrawals. I kept that up for a few weeks and got rid of the rest of my pills. That was about 8 months ago and I have had no withdrawals since . And I feel alot better. I saw my my 3 month visit and I told him I was off the drugs and don't ever want them again .He said how are the withdrawals and I told him I just smoked a little marijuana and they all went away. I think that the government is causing the problem by cutting people off of oxycodone with out any help so that puts them buying oxycodone on the street and turning to heroin insted because its creeper and Dieing because of it.

  • Robert Jansen - 3 months ago

    Recreational should b legal also since only thing that works for my anxiety... Tired of being guinea pig for Drs..

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