Do you identify as anarchist? If so, what kind?

  • Gnome Chimpsky - 3 weeks ago

    So, ancaps... if there's no state then what would compel workers to pay dividends out to alien shareholders who "own" capital? How could capital even be owned without a central ledger of who's entitled to what abstract claim on the means of production? And when those workers take over the factories for themselves, who would send pinkertons and riot squads to lock those workers out of the factories? Private warlords? The mafia? If they're performing this function wherein they monopolize the means of violence to compel a system of tributes, profits, dividends, or otherwise separate workers from the fruits of their labor and patronize a hierarchy, then what makes them not the state? Literally, look at the Greek etymology of "hier-archy". How can "higher-rule" possibly also be "no-rule" (anarchy)? Sounds more like feudalism to me. Definitely out of synch with the tradition of "no gods, no masters," doncha think?

  • Dean M Tuckerman - 3 weeks ago

    One question is, who was asked this poll? The 2nd question is how are each of these terms defined? Every anarchist i know (i've been one for 50 years) has a different definition and a different grouping who they want to exclude from anarchism. i know i would exclude the anacaps not only because capitalism requires a state structure to sustain itself, but except on the lowest level of an individual entrepreneur, capitalism is structured in a hierarchical fashion with a boss and workers. Anacaps would say that us collective-types including the syndicalist, the communists etc,. are excluded because we want to take away their holy property which they say is the basis of life or economics or some other hogwash.

  • Ben - 3 weeks ago

    Oops, no such thing as anarchocapitalism because the structures of capitalism require a state to enforce the laws maintaining them!

  • Nescio - 3 weeks ago

    You forgot left-wing market anarchism and dialectical anarchism.

  • Wesley J. Pinchot - 3 weeks ago

    No, anarchocapitalism is the ONLY real kind of anarchists. The others are all just pseudo-communists.

  • Starchild - 3 weeks ago

    That depends from *which* anarchist perspective, "anon-ana". From *your* anarchist perspective it may not be valid, but not all anarchists share your perspective.

    Disagreement about what "capitalism" is, seems to be part of the issue. For some people it simply means the freedom to consensually make, buy, sell, and trade without interference; for others it means a whole State-backed system of structural inequities, etc.

    My own choice in the poll, btw, was "anarchist without adjectives".

    Love & Liberty,

    ((( starchild )))

  • anon-ana - 2 months ago

    you all know that anarcho-capitalism isn't a valid thing from an anarchist perspective, right?

    despite it being the most popular type of anarchism in your poll (green puking emoticon)

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