Have you ever surprised someone with a Christmas gift?


  • Iman - 4 years ago

    Just came here to say I LOVE YALLS LOVE!! I’m Muslim so no Christmas gifts. But I’ve surprised people with bday gift or other random stuff through the year. I’m always surprised when my friends give me Christmas gifts because they really did not have too. They’re so sweet.

  • HowAboutBeth - 4 years ago

    this must be one of the funniest tbgwts podcast yet, or at least the funniest feedback podcast. every time you stopped the “well” i laughed for half a minute.

    i went to white church in england, we definitely wrapped up before a black church would’ve, sometimes i visited black (mega) churches on special occasions, that was amazing.
    in white church the testimonies might happen after the worship music, but being british we mostly had no charisma BUT we didn’t have to wear suits and my mum didn’t care if people were watching her praise.
    sometimes we’d have visiting preachers, i remember pastor dele of a black pentecostal church roasting the white people “lovingly”
    service was no more than two hours.

    sorry for the length of this. thank you for making me laugh so much & everyone else for sharing their stories. ????

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