Worst adverts of 2019


  • Dan - 4 years ago

    So many contenders for the shittiest ads, the sinister nature of amazons almost swayed me but I've hated that oral b ad for years, I even flagged it up in the suggestion page 3 years ago. So I have to go with it, toothpaste ads are generally horrific, they all lie and get, ahem, "real dentists" and not at all actors in white coats to make outrageous claims.

    The mariah carey one is so bad it actually transcends into comedy gold. When she deigns to pickup a solitary crisp with her fingertips and lightly touch against a tooth, it really shows just how much she detests them. Also I have to laugh when I imagine what a gigantic pain in the arse she must've been to work with on set, if that was the closest they could actually get to her eating a crisp.

  • Matthew Wilkinson - 4 years ago

    Amazon for me, based on the level of sinister intent behind it being commisioned. A cynical P.R. exercise in distancing itself from the misery "fulfilled" to it's "family" of colleagues. The sword of Damocles hanging over the agency/zero hours-rights worker is exploitation. Pure and simple, time spent viewing a staged "tour" is something that you can never recoup.. you've been warned....!..lol

  • J - 4 years ago

    Just Eat.

    Purely because of that fucking annoying singing. Radio or TV - I have to switch it off, mute it, can't reach the volume controls fast enough. Fuck that shit and fuck the people who use it

    The worst one in terms of morality is Amazon, but not the one you mentioned, instead its the one about WORKING for Amazon where they pretend they are a big happy family and some old cunt even brings them cakes. But note that even in their own ad, none of the paid actors are asked to say that Amazon is a great company to work for BECAUSE they like Amazon's products/ethos/business model.

  • Peter C - 4 years ago

    Really, the only right answer on here is the Just Eat commercial. The Amazon one was only really for Christmas or other seasonal events, so it's not like that one's on every single day. The Just Eat ones, however, just seem to assault you whenever it wants. I legit mute my TV on practically every ad break whenever its on.

  • Michael - 4 years ago

    I would have said that Blue Advert. So so so bad

  • B - 4 years ago

    I was undecided but your case for the Amazon as swung it. Keep it up in 2020...more of the same please

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