Do you wash your produce?

  • KaYCan - 9 months ago

    Not only do I wash my produce. I use dish soap on the the one with thicker skins, watermelon, oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

  • Larry B - 9 months ago

    From day one, my mom would always say make sure you wash this make sure you wash that. Nothing was left to chance. When in doubt wash that apple that carrots it the *left* thing to do.

  • MizzBarnes72 - 9 months ago

    Oh God, now when I go to the Publix fruit and vegatable section, I now think of porn ....smdh!

  • Jane M (thewritin1) - 9 months ago

    And here I was washing my produce to get rid of the dirt and germs. Never thought I’d have to worry about a nigga’s cum on them! Eww!

  • Fender Case - 9 months ago

    How dare you?! Santas don't cheat!

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