Brodies 2019: Best Analysis of Scripture and/or History (Poll Closed)

  • Creativity Theory and the Origin of the Book of Mormon and other Mormon Scriptures, by frogontrombone
    6 votes

  • The Book of Mormon’s dependence on the KJV, by ImTheMarmotKing
    9 votes

  • Truth of the Book of Abraham 8 part video series, by Dan Vogel
    48 votes

  • John Hamer’s rebuttal that the only way that the Book of Mormon could have been created was through divine intervention, by Mormon Stories Podcast
    34 votes

  • Rewriting Eden With The Book of Mormon: Joseph Smith and the Reception of Genesis 1-6 in Early America, by Colby Townsend
    13 votes

  • Nancy Rigdon & the Happiness Letter, by Thinker of Thoughts
    85 votes


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