My Opinion Midway Through the Sanditon PBS Masterpiece Mini-Series is (Choose One):


  • Jackie Cavallaro - 2 years ago

    I am disappointed also in this adaptation of Austen's unfinished novel. The first thing that really jarred with me was the casting of our heroine. She is continually screwing up her face, furrowing her brow like a child whenever she comes up against something she doesn't like or understand....young ladies of that era were schooled in how to comport themselves and how to maintain sang froid....facial expression of the emotions was a no no. And the debauched pair of step siblings would have been something of which Austen knew nothing. As you mention earlier, it is more Georgette Heyer without the innocence!! I find the mini series an affront to Jane Austen. However, as a piece of entertainment it fares quite well The hero, Sidney Parker, is one of the most glorious men to look upon...almost as good as Aiden Turner in Poldark. Now that was a great series with substance. Regarding Heyer's novels, I can't believe you omitted These Old Shades and Devil's Cub!

  • D. ELLIS - 4 years ago

    Jane Austen was a FEMINIST who also believed that a woman should only marry for love. How many times is this betrayed in this series? Charlotte in Davies' presentation is antithetical to what Austen would have written as a strong independent woman as a main character.
    Davies" script is melodramatic and his arrogant attitude suggesting that he "knows" what Jane Austen would have written is preposterous! And, Jane NEVER would have dwelled on sex like Davies does in his works by Austen. Jane did not need to dwell on sex to attract readers to her works.

  • S Waechter - 4 years ago

    I have just watched Davies' heartless "adaptation" of Austin's unfinished novel, and I hope he is never allowed to write another. He has betrayed Jane Austin and all of her readers. His hubris disgusts me.

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