Battle Round: DK vs Sejun (Poll Closed)
243,908 Total Votes

  • hwee - 3 months ago

    Our King Arthur!

  • Cath - 3 months ago

    Golden leader ang boto ko..sb19 we love you

  • aprine - 3 months ago

    ppl are pressed that dk got more votes. hun, it doesn't work that way. check your internet connection. i experience lags, too. even after voting for consecutive times, only one registers and sometimes the numbers go back down. dk's fans are international, sejun's are local. i know carats are lazy when it comes to voting but this isn't even a big deal and doesn't require that much voting power. imagine if seventeen's 4.8M twitter followers left atleast one vote each. this isn't even half the fandom, heck it isn't even 1% of it.

  • KGA - 3 months ago

    I vote everyday for ma boy DK. Love you baby ♥️

  • sumochi - 3 months ago

    is sejun korean too??

  • sumochi - 3 months ago

    is sejun korean too?

  • Daizy gie - 3 months ago

    Pag bumoto kayo hindi basta pindot
    I click nyo din yung IM NOT A robot tapos may lalabas don.. Pagtapos nyo ma sagutan yun dun na counted yung vote nyo

  • thdd - 3 months ago

    hindi patas ang poll na ito. nakailang pindot na ako kay sejun pero kay dk napupunta yung mga votes. i hope na maayos niyo ito and be fair naman na bumuboto ng patas. i'll report this if hindi ito naayos

  • RJZKIE - 3 months ago

    Sakin din nga,sa kabila pa tuloy naga dagdag..anong nangyayari po??wala mn lang nadagdagan,nakakailang pindot na aq..d man lang dumadagdag ung no.of votes..????

  • ASIAN - 3 months ago


  • telaa - 3 months ago

    IT WAS BIASED! .. So dissapointing to vote yet it didn't counted at all.. tsk... while i still voted for KEN, it didnt add up. and yet it was DK who always add up every seconds..

  • Xime - 3 months ago

    Dokyeom !!! DK DK DK

  • jermay - 4 months ago

    lets vote for our pinuno

  • jermay - 4 months ago

    Sejun deserves love and support lets vote for our pinuno

  • Mitch - 4 months ago

    Bat parang di dumadagdag vote ko..go mga kahakdog!!!

  • Hannah - 4 months ago

    My vote was not counted, it didn't add up to the # of votes for Sejun. Why? It's senseless to vote if the system doesn't have any integrity. We take time and effort to support but it's disheartening if your vote doesn't count. I just hope this would be fixed. Thanks.

  • Telaa - 4 months ago

    Seems odd.. I just voted and click as many as I can for a moment but it didn't change and add the counting :( :/

  • Zen - 4 months ago

    A'tins,hwag tayong susuko.kahit ilang ulit na along nag-vote parang di nadadagdagan pero okay lang,LABAN!!!!AJA!AJA!

  • Azolla - 4 months ago

    Sejun for the win!!

  • liZaje - 4 months ago

    A'tins wag susuko vote Lang Ng vote wahhhh

  • oneesama - 4 months ago

    DK's SVT!!!!

  • onessama - 4 months ago

    DK!! DK!! DK!!!

  • Hakdog - 4 months ago

    Let's go A'TIN! Walang makakapigee3EeELLLL di baaaaaa???!!! Kaya natin 'to HAHAHHA! Lezgooooow!!!

  • France Falo - 4 months ago

    #100ASIANHeartthrobs2020 SEJUN NASE

  • Dm - 4 months ago

    Go SEJUN!! no matter what the result will be one of the best leader handsome and talented! ATIN'S FIGHTING...

  • Ching_kristine - 4 months ago

    Fighting D.K Carats ????????

  • Caratforlife♥️ - 4 months ago

    I have no idea who Sejun is,He looks like a sweet guy,My vote is for Dk,I wish both the best of luck,Whoever win’s,It doesn’t mean they are not handsome or talented,Cause they are and they both deserve the best in this world

  • Lovely - 4 months ago

    As how I really like faster and easily Sejun. Not only with his physical and talent but his personality tho. I like stanning him ... Humble and Full of gratitude to where he started.
    Goodluck to both of you!

  • Holding II - 4 months ago


  • Jusy hakdog - 4 months ago

    Pinuno.. At the top A'TIN

  • Poultry no keb - 4 months ago

    Don't give up A'TINS

  • Poultry no ken - 4 months ago

    Power vote A'TIN . Kaya natin lamangan si DK.. !!!

  • Mhiee - 4 months ago

    We love you pinunong Sejun hotdog man????????????

  • Mhiee - 4 months ago

    Pinuno kuya Sejun we love you????????????

  • trcynn - 4 months ago

    keep voting mga kapatid!!

  • CARATDEUL - 4 months ago

    Some CARATS said that we don't need this bcoz its not international and it's not what we should focus as of the moment BUT ph CARATS let's do our best! Fighting!

  • Kyeomiee - 4 months ago

    Being handsome doesn't mean you're talented, but our King Arthur is more than just his appearance. He's attractive, has amazing vocals, gentle, kind and THE LEADER AND VISUAL OF BSS. Need to say more?

  • Nieva - 4 months ago

    53K for Pinuno.

  • Ot5_Fangirl - 4 months ago

    Please vote A'TINS

  • Nieva - 4 months ago

    46k na for Pinuno. Power vote A'tins.

  • ForeverHatdog - 4 months ago

    I go STAN for #SB19_Sejun
    Our pinuno!. ????????????

    Please support ATIN'S all over the world. ????????



    ALAB you always my pinuno!.. ????????????????????????????????

  • ForeverHatdog - 4 months ago

    Woooooh!..we gonna Go up to win pinunoooo!.
    Laaab yooooouuuu!. ????????

  • Nieva - 4 months ago

    43k na pahinga muna ako. Please vote for Pinuno.

  • DKing Arthur - 4 months ago

    Sana all ni DK ngayong weekend


  • SB19 lang~ kenji season - 4 months ago

    Atinsss!!! Sejun lng hnd sapat dapat all members
    What do you called a hotdog man
    Sejun lang period
    Its corny but idc

  • ching chong Atin - 4 months ago


  • Joyskie - 4 months ago

    Keep voting Atins.

  • Joyskie - 4 months ago

    Keep voting Atins.

  • Razelqueenie - 4 months ago

    Go pinuno Sejun! The whole team freezer supports you!!❤

  • Bình chọn cho SVT , mãi iu SVT ❤❤❤ - 4 months ago

    Bình chọn cho anh Dokyeom đẹp trai ik các Carats ❤????

  • A'tin Deniz - 4 months ago

    Go pinunong sejun... Go for the win..

  • moeko - 4 months ago

    DK is a gentle person!

  • KabetNiHakdog - 4 months ago

    Co-A'TINs let's vote our handsome, talented and carrying Kuya Sejun! Surely we A'TINs Burning to Go Up our Pinuno!????

  • Wonwoowish - 4 months ago

    I voted for Sejun! Because he got an amazing talent. They are both talented man though I am more attracted to what Sejun can do.

  • Mira - 4 months ago

    Being handsome is not only based on physical appearance, mental and emotional factors are also considered. Keep on voting :)

  • Xein - 4 months ago

    I am voting for Sejun because he is a good song writer, amazing rapper, amazing singer, amazing dancer, an intelligent person almost close to perfect

  • Mae Kho - 4 months ago

    Wow it's a close fight! I'm voting for the songwriter owner of the freezer!

  • Dk stan - 4 months ago

    Pls spam Dk pls, carats fighting

  • JAPAN carat - 4 months ago

    GO DK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DK - 4 months ago


  • Vote for Seventeen ❤️ - 4 months ago

    Go vote for Dk

  • Edna - 4 months ago

    To the best lender ever go Sejun for win.

  • CARROT - 4 months ago

    Go papi seokmin!!!

  • Kyeomkyeom - 4 months ago

    SEVENTEEN's Main Vocal!!! Uri BSS's leader!!!

  • DOKYEOM - 4 months ago

    DK!!!!KING ARTHURRRR!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • KingArthur???? - 4 months ago

    Go King Arthur!!!! Uri Seventeen's Main Vocal????

  • Farnisa - 4 months ago

    GOGOGOGOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!
    pinuno andito kame para sayo voooteee for SEJUN ❤❤

  • Marinella - 4 months ago

    Kaming bahala sa iyo Pinuno. Ang gwapo mo talaga my bias wrecker ????????

  • Ali - 4 months ago

    I voted like seven times in a row and the counter never went up ONCE, but the other contestant's did. This is RIGGED.

  • Alina - 4 months ago

    Para sa Pinunong Hatdog! Vote for Sejun!!!

  • Lhei Alban - 4 months ago

    I choose Sejun but I also like DK. Need to choose Filipino pride this time.

  • Shen - 4 months ago

    Go Pinuno! #SB19SEJUN

  • Asawa ni sejun - 4 months ago

    Napakagaling naman ng A'tins hahahha. Panalo na ang pambansang hotdog ng Pilipinas!! Go sejun myloves.

  • Lala - 4 months ago

    Omg go sijooooon!!!!!

  • Mary April E. Ungar - 4 months ago

    Go pinuno

  • jcr - 4 months ago

    of course to our most talented and intelligent pinuno.

  • RJZKIE - 4 months ago

    Go Pinuno!!????
    let's go ATin'S
    #Go Up

  • Asawa ni Sijon - 4 months ago

    Gooooo pinunoooooo!!! Skrrrrrrtttt!!

  • LokiLaufeyson - 4 months ago


  • Jisoo - 4 months ago

    DK DK DK ❤

  • Jeonghan - 4 months ago


  • Seungcheol - 4 months ago

    DK! ❤

  • Rosh - 4 months ago

    Go seokmin!!!

  • KJ - 4 months ago

    Ang gwapo ni pinunoooo ????????????????????

  • Hatdogggg - 4 months ago

    Pinunong sejun laban !! Go go go

  • SEOKMIN - 4 months ago


  • Dk - 4 months ago


  • Roschelle - 4 months ago

    Go DK!❤

  • Amy - 4 months ago

    Seventeen Seventeen Seventeen!!! DK DK DK!!!!!!

  • Cecil - 4 months ago

    Pautlong! Pautlong! ????????

  • Hatdog - 4 months ago

    Pinunong Sejun!

  • Hange - 4 months ago

    Go Pinunong Sijon!!! A'TINs got your back! Alabyu!!!!

  • Zee Suson - 4 months ago


  • Keun - 4 months ago

    Vote Philippines!! Vote John Paulo Nase! Lezgrrt A'TINs!

  • MANOKnaGALA - 4 months ago


  • Hatdogg - 4 months ago

    Go pinuno we got you alabuuuu

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