Sidney Parker vs Young Stringer - Who do you like?

  • Susan - 1 month ago

    Young Stringer is nice and quite handsome, but Charlotte friend-zoned him early on. I think they're great as friends (and perhaps brother/sister-in-law), but the chemistry is not the same as with Sidney. And come on...let's remember Sidney has changed. He was cold and hurtful in the beginning because he'd built up so many walls around him, but Charlotte challenged him. She made him face his faults and he came to rely on her for strength. Such undeniable chemistry there...I think they would be a powerful couple who could help Sanditon thrive. A couple for the ages, they belong up there with Darcy and Elizabeth. Let's make it happen in Season 2!

  • Sylvie - 1 month ago

    Young Stringer was always nice to Charlotte, treated her with respect. Can't say that from Sidney, who sometimes could be very rude.

  • Teri - 1 month ago

    Great chemistry and character development

  • Rosalie - 1 month ago

    Sidney is nice, but Young Stringer will always be there for and love Charlotte.

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