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  • GW - 2 months ago

    Photos showed Pelosi planned it as a political stunt and was separating the speech into four smaller columns. She then tested and partially ripped and started short tears so it would tear easily and rip up for her cheap POLITICAL stunt at the end of the speech.
    All I ever hear are ACCUSATTIONS from the spend and tax Democrats for failed programs and do nothing for the American taxpayer and those followers who FAIL to investigate and only believe BIAS Bogus talking points without investigating and facing the truth.
    Lie, Spend, Tax, make up false Accusations with no proof and lie again is all they do to keep them in power and make careers and millions out of lying.
    The FACTS don't lie and the Tax cut allowed and gave Americans to have more and spend more give the largest employers in the country SMALL BUSINESS more money to invest and thus employ more.
    8 years of OBAMA as he doubled the national debt adding 9 Trillion dollars costing taxpayers and had the largest unemployment among minorities, all caused by the Democrat Mortgage scandal starting from Jimmy Carter fueled along by Democrats, giving NO INCOME VERIFICATION LOANS loans to unqualified borrowers, lowering qualifications, forcing banks demanding quotas to low income zip codes and lower mortgage qualifications, giving loans to unqualified borrowers.
    NOTE and Understand Democrats did this not banks! Banks were forced to do a percentage of loans in government assigned low income zip codes in order to have their other loans approved. Only their aren't and weren't enough qualified home buyers so Democrats lowered the qualifications to NO INCOME VERIFICATION LOANS with lower credit scores all they down to a 500 FICO score. This was just nuts resulting in over $ 2.7 Trillion dollars of defaulted foreclosed loans from unqualified mortgaged home buyers. Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac were bankrupt with this bad debt.
    Clinton waived ALL the laws and rules INCLUDING the Glass Steagal Act attempting to get rid of this Trillions of dollars of bad foreclosed mortgage debt before Democrats bad program and fraud was EXPOSED and created the MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES to get rid of all the debt to UNSUSPECTING INVESTORS of worthless mortgages on foreclosed loans and houses.
    BANKS along with government Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were filled with worthless mortgages from being forced to do a quota of loans to UNQUALIFIED BUYERS WH0 couldn't make payments and DEFAULTED making Trillions of dollars of foreclosed homes loans.
    President Clinton hid this along with Democrats so they would not be blamed for their DISASTROUS SCHEME TO GET MORE VOTES.
    DEMOCRATS LIE Spend, tax and lie.
    OBAMA lied and borrowed $9 Trillion dollars which was more money than all prior Presidents combined thrusting double the debt onto taxpayers to over $19 trillion dollars.
    Democrats failed NINV low qualification loans forced HOUSE VALUES TO PLUMMET to record lows and costing Americans 40% losses and more of their home values which have still not recovered.
    Thank you Democrats.
    Just look at Democrat controlled states and cities as Illinois, California, New York, Maryland, Minnesota, and elsewhere with the highest crime and home loss values.
    $3.7 Trillion dollars is all the yearly income that the United States government receives. Any 3rd grade child can add and subtract can see that Democrat spending and their math is terrible. Our Great grand children won't be able to pay this off and Democrats want to spend $16 Trillion for free HEALTH CARE insurance including FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS ALONG WITH $93 Trillion dollars on a fraudulent Green New Deal which even the experts and founder of the Weather Channel shows is one big fake scam to get control of taxpayer money, which will bankrupt an already bankrupt country and force Americans to have to depend upon the government handouts from a bankrupt country.
    Citizens Venezuela, Greece, Cuba, and dozens of other countries

    NOTICE The Glass-Steagall Act,

  • Vaughan Nesslar - 2 months ago

    When he refused to shake her hand he earned this. After a speech so full of lies and then passing over a war hero to hand a crony who also is a despicable being that medal it was the best thing to show her disgust.

  • Vaughan Nesslar - 2 months ago

    When he refused to shake her hand he earned this. After a speech so full of lies and then passing over a war hero to hand a crony who also is a despicable being that medal it was the best thing to show her disgust.

  • Frank Rizzo - 2 months ago

    The hateful left at it's best! They refused to stand up & clap for a young black 4th grader who was awarded a scholarship

    What happen to girl power? They can’t stand for this little girl ? Goes to show they wish death upon anyone who does not agree with them! Democrats are the true enemy of the American people!

  • Sharon - 2 months ago

    I am shocked to see all major TV news and most radio is concentrating on paper ripping while not mentioning the travesties included in the prior speech. Medal of freedom to pay off a political hack, questionable statistics and outright lies--like "I will protect your preexisting conditions" while his lawyers are in court trying to take that away currently. If you didn't watch the whole mess you are not hearing much about it on the news. Sorry folks, you have to force yourself to pay attention and figure it out for yourself no matter how hard it is. Our country is worth it'

  • mmh - 2 months ago

    The president lies to the American people on a daily basis, so far we are up to over 16K lies. Is that acceptable behavior for ANY president? The speech was a document of false information.

    Why do we keep accepting this? I feel he and the R's are perfectly willing to lie to us so they stay in power. We pay their checks with our taxes, we our their bosses, why do we accept these lies? The entire speech was loaded with false statements. He has lawsuits out to eliminate preexisting conditions, yet yesterday he told the nation he is fighting for preexisting conditions. He told us we have the best economy, our GDP has not gone up since he took over, in fact it went down. His unemployment numbers are strong but again not as strong as the previous president. Manufacturing is down (very down), the farmers got a $12B BAILOUT because of his trade antics. There were 20 farm bankruptcies already. Bankruptcies? Is that helping the farmers? The R's used to call these bailouts "socialist" programs, yet they had no problem doing it under Trump.

    The LAST three years of the previous presidency was stronger in economy (GDP, JOBS & unemployment) than the FIRST three years of this presidents presidency. He was handed a very good and prosperous economy. No harm in admitting that. R's can no longer claim they are a conservative party looking at debt and deficits. They only care when a D is in office. Please please please look at the facts and the numbers. I implore all to look into his statements. Take a minute or two to fact check.

    He slammed Colin Kopernick and ruined his career over the National Anthem, and he can't stay still and put his hand over his heart like everyone else? He is the President, not a conductor.

    I'm ok with the Pelosi ripping the speech. It was all a bunch of garbage, I'm sorry for the ones that really believe him. They are being conned. When the history books are written, there will be a good amount of people on the wrong side of history.

    Personally, I'm shocked that ONE man can do this much damage in three years and we all are watching not able to do anything. We were just told that we have to vote him out. The impeachment is fair, it was put in as a measure for us to keep the president in check. We had no problem impeaching Clinton for lying about his infidelity and using SECOND hand information (Linda Tripp) to impeach him. Today we can't even get witnesses and the R's complain that the evidence we have today is all "hear say" (second hand information)- so was Linda Tripp's -though it was perfectly acceptable then. Infidelity and asking Ukraine to interfere in our elections are not the same.

    I struggle with this: if he is so completely innocent (a perfect call- if you will) why would he deny anyone to testify for him? Especially if they can easily exonerate him? If I was innocent, I would get everyone to defend me, that just seems like human nature, right? The people that can prove the President didn't do anything wrong, has a gag order by the President. That doesn't seem normal.

    RIP our Constitution and Senate. I guess we can all tell the 2020 Democratic candidates to call Russia, Ukraine, and China for help. After today, it will be cool to have foreign help and interfere with our elections. "If (insert country of choice) you are listening..." USA is for sale! Woo hoo!

    I am tired of the R's playing nasty and when God forbid the D's stand up for themselves they get racked through the coals. I was one for "when they go low, we go high", but going high has not paid off. The R's just take advantage of it. Go low.

  • Patricia Najfus - 2 months ago

    Nancy's response was an approprate one. I believe the Democrats should have boycotted the event.They owe this impeached president no respect.

  • cb - 2 months ago

    She stooped to his level.
    When they go low - and that is where "they" live,
    we're supposed to go high. She did not.

  • Marilyn Roraff (do not use on air) - 2 months ago

    Both She and the President were childish, and a BAD reflection on the United States. But Pelosi did not act respectfully the entire speech. She is not a good representative of women's power or strength, as was stated on your program by a caller, she represents pettiness, poor judgement, and nothing that we as women should be.
    The two party system is dead, the senators and representatives do not work for the people of the United States, they work for the party and for themselves.

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