Poll: Have you heard increased airplane noise in your neighborhood?


  • Pat Robinson - 4 years ago

    I have noticed helicopter traffic has increased dramatically in the last 2 years. I automatically block out regular airplane noise for the most part. I’ve spent to much of my life near airports and Air Force bases.

  • Mike K - 4 years ago

    Indeed, more recently I have noticed higher decibel levels then ever before and I have resided in Herndon my whole life. I believe this is due to gustier winds, turbulence, and in turn has caused planes to fly at a lower altitude causing the increased noise pollution.

  • Sandra Bruce - 4 years ago

    Have lived in Fox MIll Estates since 1976 and very familiar with the flight paths. Recently there is more noise, planes much lower and using different flight paths, that previously were only used in severe weather and high winds. A very hugh detrimental change in my quality of life Indoors as well as Outdoors.

  • George - 4 years ago

    Nextgen is moving away from ‘radar’ towards more computer/GPS, not ‘radio’ lol.

  • Peter Hendrickson - 4 years ago

    Very definitely-- glad to see it wasn't just me noticing

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