Grade the 'Power' series finale:

  • Micheal - 5 months ago

    The whole thing in season 6 is a piece of shit honestly I don't want to watch it anymore based on what I just read......then who has the power if ghost is tommy also that's really messed up people....I advised you better start writing a good script were tommy actually saved ghost life and both went hidden for a while.....that would make the film more meaningful.....and Angela shouldn't be dead I miss her and ghost they look great better than tasha who fucks around with Shawn and trying to seduce him to get out information

  • Mimi - 11 months ago

    To be honest y’all have to fake ghost death then it’ll be better because with ghost being dead then there’s NO POWER.

  • Dana - 1 year ago

    Ghost tried for almost the entire series to go straight, if anyone survived, it should have been him.

    WTF moments:
    If he changed his will after Angela's death, why was Raina still in it?
    Saxe gets his job back?!
    Blanca bent the rules?
    Cops never found Tasha's fingerprints at Lakeisha & Tommy's?
    Tariq gets off?
    Simon needs this club that bad?? Won't it sit vacant for 4 years first...

    Seasons 1 to 5 were great. 6 was a let down for me. Who the hell wants to watch a Tariq or Tasha spinoff?? Boo.

  • Jo - 1 year ago

    If there is no James and tommy any more. No more “ power” to watch. Please don’t telecast any “Fking YO “ man.

  • geegee - 1 year ago

    What later happened to Tommy after Ghost's death?
    When should we b expecting "Power Boo II"?

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Choose the least sympathetic character, spoiled lying useless backstabbing brat Tariq and then have him walk on into a paid university education? Sucks. And who cares what Tariq or Tasha might do in another series. Used up in Power and now useless. Won't be watching any spinoffs. Fun while it lasted, it was a good run except the finale which gave no redemptions and returned the lamest characters to power.

  • Soseipirial Ibitonbo - 1 year ago

    I guess i will no longer watch power again if truly ghost is dead, bcos he is the motivating factor that got my interest on the series, ghost n tommy are the leading characters, why would they just disappear.

  • philip k zacharias - 1 year ago

    I am not a Tariq fan. So i will not be watching any further additions of Power. The main stars were James and Tommy. James is dead. WHY!!!! And Tommy road off into the sunset.HUH!!! So whats left to watch. The last two seasons got more and more confusing to me. I enjoyed the earlier years much more than the most recent. Question what good series kills all its best actors. And leaves you with Tariq and Angela. Answer one that should not have its series continued.

  • Cle Innocent - 1 year ago

    I voted above average because to me, I think James St Patrick shouldn't be murdered. My reason is that we the viewers need to have a moral lesson from POWER. Like learning about the benefit of being a law-abiding citizen or living a legitimate life. See how James St Patrick's changed positively. Having a 2nd chance in life. James St Patrick has gone legit, truly changed his ways to a legitimate and decent man who doesn't want his kids to suffer the way he did. Yes, he should be punished for his crimes or the hurt he caused his family when he left them for Angela(his high school lover); but definitely not death. Tasha deserves what happened to her; ending up in prison for instigating Tariq to murder his dad and spoiling his future. To me is all about how the series can help the viewers or the public. St Patrick shouldn't die. He is a role model to learn from.

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