Badu vagina scented candles

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  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 2 weeks ago

    Per the poll, if GOOP can do it, why not Badu? They're both what's referred to as "crunchy". I *personally* will not be purchasing either, but there's a market for damn near everything, so more power to Seven's & Puma's momma.

  • Monique Kemdoc - 2 weeks ago

    My barber is great. He’s a 50 year old man that wears Nike boots and bucket hats and is in a Gogo band. As Maryland as it can be. We’ve come to really share a bond of empathy for each other. I don’t have many black male friends but I’d like to think he’s one. He certainly knows more about me then most people since he sees me every 2.5 weeks. As a woman, I try my best to establish healthy boundaries when I go in there and he respects that. I can’t say the same for the customers that hang out in the shop without getting a hair cut. I always end up asking him how long certain guys have been sitting in the barber chair and he’ll say ‘oh that nigga been here all day....and he’ll be here tomorrow too...that’s just how it is...’ I’ve been in the chair and heard him talking about the death of his homeboys father. He started crying while cutting my hair. I told him about Nemo passing away and he was devastated for me. He restores so much of my fleeting faith in black men. He’s also seen me through some shyt. I’m glad I chose him and didn’t have to look too far.

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