Do you kill bugs in your house?

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  • Evie E - 2 weeks ago

    When I read this bitch has roaches in her crib I got PTSD flashbacks. When I was a kid I stayed a week at a relative's house and it was absolutely infested. There were roaches everywhere. If you pulled the covers back there were several roaches on the bed, they were swimming in the toilets, backstroking even. If you sat on the couch you'd hear a loud crunch. Once my cousin sprayed some Raid and instead of them scurrying away they covered wall. They came out to eat. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Once we were playing cards and one crawled on my leg and I screamed. They had the nerve to say to me that I act like I had never seen a roach before and I replied, "Not this many at once". I got smacked. I barely slept that whole week because I was scared one would crawl in my ear. I went to the bathroom one night and they just stared at me. I could have sworn one of them said, "nigga what you want?" I have never been so traumatized in my life. To this day I dont understand how people cane live like that so if I see any kinda bug, I will kill the fuck out of them.

  • Dr_Doughstax - 2 weeks ago

    I have always hated bugs, so I take an particular prejudice to any 6 legged squatter in my home. You got 6 legs, you best put in on this rent. Oh you can't? Well welcome to my shoe.

    I hate bugs. I look at spiders like the CIA: I shouldn't like you, but you're the enemy of my 6 legged enemies. Please kill them.

  • Monique Kemdoc - 2 weeks ago

    Loved the discussion about Northam and Virginia. I’m glad at least some things are coming out of the history of black face. Still can’t believe that was in a medical school year book but who am I kidding.

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