Which act *should* win 'AGT: The Champions'?

  • Pers Sy - 5 months ago

    For me, it's Pomoy, his dual voice is so unique, the best example of a talent. When he sings, u will be amaze.

  • gloria de jonge - 5 months ago

    So for me its Marcelito

  • gloria de jonge - 5 months ago

    there is big difference between a skill and a talent.. a skill can be learned,, while talent is inborn.......to dance or jump you can learn it and if you are passionate you perfect it by practicing,,, but the voice in singing inside of you, even how many practice you will make if you dont have it, no way you will have it,, so its a Talent,,,anf hey it is about Talent isn't it? its not about skill.

  • Delma Patten - 5 months ago

    Macelito deserves to win he has a supernatural gift that God gave him.... Marcelito all the best... through your talent let God will shine upon you♥️????????????????????????

  • Nip - 5 months ago

    Marcelito Pomoy could even be represents earth in OUTER SPACE GOT TALENT. His talent is unique.

  • Tina - 5 months ago

    Marcelito deserve to be crown because he is good. i can't stop listening to him

  • Teresita bituin a. Advincula - 5 months ago

    Pomoy has a unique talent which we seldom can find.

  • Ajith - 5 months ago

    V unbeatables deserve to be the champions and i think the russian bar will be the runner up.

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