Which act *will* win 'AGT: The Champions'?

  • Tan - 5 months ago

    @tanmay talsania, I'd like to tell you that Marcelito Pomoy is not just a 'street singer.' Please, as you can see the iconic rendition of his voice and its overwhelming quality were absolutely splendid. By far, it can never be compared to other singers, because he sang the male and female role with the finest tune it exactly would be. I'm not saying this with bias against every performer, but for this event, it was Marcelito who should be applauded a lot. A talent is something you just cannot simply excel. One can be good, but not the best. One can be good at many, but cannot achieve what it takes to be top-notch. The way Marcelito Pomoy sing was a God-given talent. v unbeatable did their best. I find it brilliant. However, what we're talking here is the most excellent one, therefore, it is Marcelito I'd give my vote into.

  • tanmay talsania - 5 months ago

    I was in side of Marcellito but when I saw the finale I found out there are not one but three great compaditor Marcellito,v unbeatable,duo translend.
    And Marcellito unique duo exellant voice without any professional training (street singer) ,v unbeatable ( street dancer from Mumbai) with doing extreme jumps and risk(poor vikas) and complete blind fold act by duo translend. These three guys are deserving to win I won,t say about Tyler because I have never played or heard an such a instrument performance in my life
    Marcellito has greater chance to win the show but I personally like v unbeatable the most.and it is good for the show I saw the winner history of agt and agt champions and I found out only singer's, ventragolist and magicians and only one dog act has ever won the show and of it continues no other talented artists will come to this show so it needs an change so there is a moral reason why v unbeatable should win. Thank u

  • Jess Jarvis - 5 months ago

    TALENT? There's a lot up there.. however the truly amazing & one undeniably unique talent up there is Marcelito Pomoy. If judging TALENT not "back stories" Pomoy must win hands down IMHO. Good luck to them all.

  • Sovereign Ros - 5 months ago

    This is fake v unbeatable was nearly 25 and decreases to 16 its impossible. People are ignoring them because they came from third world country , they don need to win and they don want to win with fake smile and praise they just want a warm regards. Winning AGT is not the ultimate goal. This is not the end of the world. Any third world country should not perform in world stages. People use them. Poor people trying to prove themselves in this bitter world.

  • Cesar Villarosa - 5 months ago

    Very obvious Marcelito Pomoy should win..unless this is rigged..let the viewers be the judge

  • Welvic Palomo - 5 months ago

    Marcelito Pomoy is no.1 champion

  • Jenelia Dela Victoria - 5 months ago

    For me, Marcelino Mopoy deserves to win the AGT because he has amazing voice.

  • Monica - 5 months ago

    Angelina Jordan❤️❤️❤️

  • Julita Tugade - 5 months ago

    Marcelito Pomoy should be the Winner!!! Tonight at AGT!!! HE IS THE BEST SINGER SO FAR AT AGT!!!

  • Ali - 5 months ago

    For having been a street child and without formal singing training, Pomoy is a real talent and deserves to win!

  • Mario Fernandez - 5 months ago

    Marcelito is the winner for me but, AGT already has the winner. They choose who's to win.

  • John Van Epps - 5 months ago

    There is no stopping this girl from going on to be great. She has demonstrated her ability to train a dog to work in synchrony and has changed her training show in a weekly on a weekly basis

  • Pers Sy - 5 months ago

    There's no need to argue, Marcelito, singing in a dual voice (male and female) is truly unique. Amazing voice

  • Pers Sy - 5 months ago

    There's no need to argue, Marcelito, singing in a dual voice (male and female) is truly unique. Amazing voice

  • Pody kiss - 5 months ago

    M. Pomoy is a once in a lifetime talent I have ever heard/seen.
    HE SHOULD BE THE RUNAWAY WINNER. The fans has said so.

  • Beverly Filosopo - 5 months ago

    MP is the winner

  • Ralph Clarkin - 5 months ago

    I believe Marcelito Pomoy should win. He deserves it. He is fantastic. His voice is amazing. His talent to sing both male and female voices is unique. I will be watching tonight.

  • Hilario Gil Caadan - 5 months ago

    I choose Marcelito Pomoy for his voice is really a talent having dual voices feminine and masculine. Amazing, wonderful and a unique voice!

  • Zeny - 5 months ago

    Marcelito very down-to-earth. He must win.

  • Arnulfo Gamalo - 5 months ago

    Extra ordinary voice. WOW!

  • Estela Vince - 5 months ago

    Very unique talent & truly a God given gift.

  • prudence maeabia - 5 months ago

    perfect and talented singer i`ve ever heard on this earth
    thumbs up for you.

  • Hadrian Adolfus - 5 months ago

    Humble beginning with a bang

  • Gloria Imson - 5 months ago

    He’s the best God given talent, With different perfect voices .

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