Do you think people are hiding information about the history of Athens, TX?


  • Rendi callaway - 4 years ago

    I’ve lived here most my life n the shit is real Has to be. There are to many weird ass incidents that have taken place since as long as I can remember it’s even far fetched hard to explain and most people that aren’t very open minded or believe that things exist above the normal or not normal totally wouldn’t understand and would say it’s crazy or no way possible. I happen to be the person to experience some very unexplained incidents and not much of an explanation for some of it. I know there are bad juju on people places n things Not sure if it’s the people or the land. I know it’s one of the two. Maybe a curse or some type of sacred land I haven’t done much research my self other than google n I’ve been to fillers park so I’m aware of the layout n country club all the back roads. Tin can alley road. I think there is some ground to stand on as far as bizarre n different types of aspects on this topic.

  • D. Richardson - 8 years ago

    I know for a fact, because I've been doing my research for 45 years of Athens Texas I finally found the tunnels. June 1st 2016, My film will be released on DVD for anyone who wants to view it about the tunnels, and about where they are at and how you can get there. you can buy them at any family video stores in East Texas on that date. It is NOT made up. To prove it, I had a Athens, Texas Law enforcement officer, a lawyer, and the Texas Rep go with me and my crew to film it. As I said it also shows a map and where the 1,st and second entrance is and how far under Athens it goes. Most of the Homeless people of Athens has resided in them for over 4 decades. The documentary film is called the Tunnels of Athens Texas. Enjoy!

    David Richardson

  • Cody Hines - 10 years ago

    I was born in athens, tx in the old hospital as well. In fact I was one of the last babys born there. I was born october21, 1986. Majority of my family has lived in tx for more than a century now. In fact my cousin owns coalminers. Which is why I decided to post this. According to story books athens was originally a farming and mining town. Which wouldn't surprise me if there aren't any tunnels under athens. I also used to live no more than a half mile from monkey bridge and have seen first hand animals hanging in the trees and off the bridge. Some with a rope others in burlap sacks. And just so I'm clear never participated in any events that took place. I know how athens is rumors spread fast.

  • michelle clifford - 11 years ago

    I've lived in Athens a few years. I've asked older people about old Athens and I've been told that sometimes tha history of were Athens started is just better left buried!! The iron stone that surrounds Fullers park is also called devil's bone. In hot weather the stone remains cold. There's a lot of history in Athens u just have to know were to look. There are story's played out to mislead you. But other storylines will lead u to a darker side of small town Athens, TX.....

  • Steven Sutton - 12 years ago

    Just to let all of you idiots know...athens was founded by a satanic colony in 1851. I highly doubt that there3 are these "tunnels" underground but just because you lived there doesn't mean anything. I've lived here my entire life..and spent countless hours of research on Athens. They used to preform satanic rituals at the country club, so don't try to prove something wrong if you know nothing about the history.

  • Rob Lively - 12 years ago

    Graduated in '82, and my Dad owed a used car lot a couple of doors down from the Brown funeral home (Hwy 31?) Anyway, there are not any tunnels in that town. Tunnels, unless dug into solid rock (like in Naples, Italy) or solidified with more modern materials (concrete, steel) would quickly collapse without routine maintenance. Athens, like the rest of East Texas has some deep hard pan (clay) but not rock near the immediate surface. Plus, the mathematical accomplishment of making a perfect pentagram (or any geometric symbol) completely underground is pretty remarkable. All of this stuff is pretty silly!!

  • blake - 13 years ago

    yes my wife told me about the storys of fullers park, iv started some research on it because it fasinates me alot, realy curious about the tunnels maybe one day it might make a movie i would be glad to help and support it.

  • Allen Kidd - 14 years ago

    Of course there's something hidden there. I was born in that abandoned hospital before it...went abandoned, and I was raised there, and I managed to finally escape that town when I turned 20. I'm 22 now, and I looked my city up on a whim on youtube. It led me here. I'm extremely curious, up until now, I'd only heard things, though I avoided Fuller Park and stayed constantly aware of the fenced-off areas where nothing but thick wood and nothing else seemed to be. I don't see that in other cities. There's something wrong there.

  • Megan Renteria - 14 years ago

    Well i have lived in and around Athens for quite some time now. And I believe that all this is true. There are way tooooo many facts on all of this... Anyone who says there is nothing of this sort in or around Athens are the ones who are hiding something!!!!

  • Gwyn Jeter - 14 years ago

    I grew up in Athens Texas and have been in Fuller Park many times, even at night. Graduated from high school in 1960. I have never heard of any of these rumors, and know for a fact that there are no tunnels in or around Athens. This all sounds like a good movie about to come out, would love to be in it!

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