The UK Government plans to prevent 'low-skilled' workers from getting a visa from 2021. Is this a good idea?

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  • John - 1 month ago

    I can't wait to see all the local youth of today picking berries and chance of that happening that's why the farmers went to Europe in the first place, to get workers to do these chores that locals would not do.

  • Richard Law Bijster - 1 month ago

    " jobs previously unavailable to them". These jobs have always been available to workers and unemployed individuals born in Scotland. Many of them refuse to do these jobs for the fact that the wages paid are way below the level any person could live on. It is the greed of employers that refuse to remunerate workers with proper wages that s the problem here, not those coming from from abroad to do jobs Scottish workers don't want to do.

  • George Cormack - 1 month ago

    Yes, this is a sensible

    Yes, this is a sensible policy long overdue. not only will it provide the labour needed, but will keep those employed healthier, fitter, giving a sense of achievment. Far better to earn a wage than have it handed to you.
    Keeps them out of mischief too.

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