Did this woman intentionally take pictures of little boy buttocks?

  • Jj - 1 year ago

    I’ll go with option C. Stupid woman who saw three little kids doing dumb stuff like all peeing at the same time with their pants at their ankles, saw it as hilarious, and snapped a pic. As a father of 3 kindergarten aged kids, these things happen, and they’re funny when they do. It’s cute when they’re your kids, and awkward when it’s other people’s kids. Shouldn’t be taking a picture of it, but it’s worth a chuckle.

  • R - 1 year ago

    Your comment about not being molested in her back yard is completely idiotic and irrelevant! First of all, you’re not a 5-6 year old. Second of all, you’re not a special education student who may or may not be cognitively and/or developmentally delayed. Nor are you non-verbal! She is a predator. Good for whomever had the balls to speak up and stop the nonsense.

  • Dan - 1 year ago

    I swear we will soon be living in Idiocracy. This woman is an educator lacking the knowledge where selfies in the boys room with students exposed is a terrible concept. Imbecilla will lose her job and potentially her career in education. Way to work that through, miss.

  • Ben Wa - 1 year ago

    Option C, she thought it was cute or funny but not sexual.

  • Char - 1 year ago

    She's obviously stupid. Selfie addict. Who does deserve to lose her job over this. Why? Because she is an adult and she should know better. Fire her.

  • Jen - 1 year ago

    I think she has a phone addiction . I honestly feel she is not a pedo !

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