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  • Dafna - 2 years ago

    It was an awful decision to end S1 with a cliffhanger, w/o having a second series already filmed. They ruined it altogether. S2 is a totally different show, and I’m still left disappointed, w/o a resolution for the HEA of the original S1 characters. I would have preferred not watching this series at all

  • Judy Adams - 2 years ago

    If Andrew Davies kills off Sidney, I'll never watch anything he does again. The ending to this Love Story Of The Century ended with heart broken viewers. Does this writer have no heart?

  • Katy - 3 years ago

    I just finished this show with its godawful ending that I invested the last 8 hours in and googled “are you kidding me with Sanditon?!” and came across this blog. I am infuriated and cannot believe that I am this angry with a tv show. What a letdown and what a disappointment.

  • Debra - 3 years ago

    THANK YOU for stating my overarching unemotional response at having my emotions toyed with over the course of 8 episodes: WHAT DID I JUST INVEST MY TIME IN?!? What an unnecessarily lame, universally unsatisfying, unimaginative ending! SO many loose ends. so many unresolved relationships and story lines. Or perhaps the camera crew was just confused and misguided about what should have been the main story line (all due respect to Ms. Austen): that of Ester and Lord Babington -- and all the intrigue and betrayals leading up to Edward and Clara being exposed for the "parasites" they were. Their comeuppance was gleefully satisfying, followed by the developing sympathetic-as-it-could -be relationship between Lady Denham and Ester. With all that, WHO needed the royal waste of time of Charlotte's and Sidney's story arc? The insult of the series' weak ending justified my choice -- oh, along about Ep3 -- to fast forward through each episode's tiring and redundant "look behind the scenes" wrap-ups. Which were just self-congratulatory time-fillers by the director and cast members. Were they trying too hard to convince the viewer of something? Were they throwing us a pre-emptive bone with the "extras"? -- trying to overcompensate for, and distract the viewer away from, the big nothing burger of a finale they knew was coming? Ugh. Such a disappointing project for these actors' talents. And a disappointing waste of time for the viewer, given the abrupt, amateurish ending.

  • Isabella - 3 years ago

    Jane Austen promised all of her novels would always have a happy ending. It is a big part of why I love her work. This is a huge injustice. They should never have released her unfinished work like this if they could not tie it up in the best way possible to fulfill her promise to her fans. If she were alive she would never have stood for this. This is so unfair. I'm sure she would have preferred her sister burn her unfinished work than have it released in this state with no respect to make an attempt to finish it to the very best of their abilities as closely as they could assume she would have. They just took it and made money off of it and gave nothing back in return by giving it the proper ending it deserved. Just a bunch of greedy jerks who care nothing about Jane Austen or her fans.

  • Mary Raab - 4 years ago

    One last comment: "Sanditon" would have been a very different series with a very different ending if a woman had written the screenplay. I would love to see what Emma Thompson, who won an academy award for her screen version of "Sense and Sensibility", would have done. Sandy Welch, who wrote the screenplay for "Jane Eyre" starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens, also would have been more sensitive and faithful to Jane Austen's style. I'm certain that either one of them would have produced a fabulous piece of work - and given us a happy ending!

    Links to a couple of interesting articles in "The Guardian" about "Sanditon" :

  • Mary Raab - 4 years ago

    There were so many GOOD things about "Sanditon": The actors, the costumes, the MUSIC !!!!! ......However, the ending didn't fit at all in Jane Austen's style. I had the impression that Andrew Davies was under a deadline and just threw everything together at the last minute without thinking the details through very carefully. I noticed a few nods to Jane Austen's own personal life: Charlotte writing to her sister (Jane wrote regularly to Cassandra), but he should have had her writing to her sister regularly and not just sticking in a single example right at the end. Jane Austen's own romance with Tom Lefroy was unhappy, which may be why Andrew Davies chose to separate Sidney and Charlotte. Nevertheless, there were so many inconsistencies in that last episode that left the ending so very unsatisfactory: Miss Lambe was supposed to be more wealthy than anyone in Sanditon, including Lady Denham. As Georgiana Lambe's guardian, wouldn't Sidney be in charge of her fortune ? Couldn't he have talked with Georgiana and convinced her to invest in Sanditon to save the resort? Wouldn't that have also been the perfect slap in the face to those in the community who mocked her and stared at her for being Black!! She would have power over them and they would have to be grateful to her!! Sidney also could have spoken with his close friend Lord Babbington. He is a Lord!! He must have great wealth, also! Just between Georgiana and Lord Babbington, and even Lady Denham, they could have all saved the town together!! At the last ball, Lord Babbington knew that Sidney loves Charlotte and couldn't take his eyes off of her. Babbington encouraged Sidney to ask Charlotte to dance and wishes Sidney and himself luck in succeeding in their romantic pursuits with their respective women. Babbington would have helped the Parkers. Lady Susan seems to have dropped out of the picture altogether in Episode 8. Why not have her attend the Midsummer Ball with the Prince Regent and have the prince sponsor the rebuilding and continued development of the resort? (After all, Lady Susan is "never wrong when it comes to matters of the heart." ;) ) Georgiana Lambe seemed to have forgotten that Otis was the one who betrayed her and nearly ruined her because of his gambling addiction, not Sidney. Otis wasn't good for her!! (He was just a pretty face!) It was because of Charlotte that Sidney payed off Otis's debts (A good man who made a terrible mistake.). Georgiana's harsh criticism of Charlotte and Sidney for being in love didn't make sense to me. Also, why not allow Arthur and Georgiana to be happy together? They might have been a fun couple!! :) Arthur stood up for Georgiana at Lady Denham's dreadful pineapple-tasting party, and he seems to really, really like her!! Why wasn't Georgiana present when Charlotte was leaving Sanditon for home? That didn't make any sense. If Sidney and Charlotte aren't meant to be together, then Charlotte and Mr. Stringer would make a fabulous couple (Personally, I was rooting for young Mr. Stringer to be Charlotte's beau.). Young Stringer appreciated Charlotte from the beginning and respects her. Andrew Davies might have made another not to Jane Austen by having Charlotte help in the re-designing of Sanditon (She has architectural promise!) and it would have been known as "Designed by A Lady"!! Like all the others who have commented, and Jane Austen herself, I like a happy ending! Fellow Jane-ites, let's all write to the necessary powesr-that-be and clamor for a second season - with a happy ending!!!!!! XXOO

  • Diane McCoy - 4 years ago

    Series was “ehhh.”
    Stuck with it because of your entertaining and st on critiques each week.
    Vote for a 90 minute redemption finale.
    Am seeing the new “Emma” tomorrow.
    Would love to see your reviews of that.

  • Grammy - 4 years ago

    Really enjoyed the series but hated the ending. There must be a second season with a better ending please!

  • Roz - 4 years ago

    I always love Jane Austen novel specially this time period and having a happy ending But totally disappointed on Episode 8. Please give us something to look forward to, give us a second season.

  • Sarah Beshers - 4 years ago

    I will never watch another Andrew Davies production again. He should leave the field entirely and in shame. Eight episodes for that?! The series had issues but I stuck with it because I love Masterpiece Theater and, more importantly, Jane Austen stories. I was baffled by the early kiss but never dreamed that Charlotte and Sidney would not end up together. Adding a final episode (or second season) now to fix it would be weird. It wasn't even credible that Sidney would make this choice to save "the family" (Charlotte would have been family too, so he also hurt "the family", especially his future wife and children) or that far better options weren't available.....what about Charlotte's friend, whose name I can't remember, who has a thing with the Prince Regent? Surely she could have pulled a few strings or at least talked some sense into Sidney. I am also disappointed in PBS for not rejecting this series outright. I would have happily watched a re-run of the other Jane Austen adaptations or, for that matter, anything at all.

  • sherry leslie Van Hulle - 4 years ago

    Please Please Please I need a season 2 of Sanditon.
    Sydney and Charlotte need to find each again.

  • Susan Driscoll - 4 years ago

    Bad idea for Sidney to marry his past "dumping queen" to rescue Sanditon..What!!??Sidney and Charlotte deserve better..I love their chemistry..It cannot end like this.They are meant for each other now and long term.A second season will fix this...come on Davies,do better for us and Jane Austen....

  • Susan - 4 years ago

    Loved it up until the final episode. My friend and I think Charlotte's friend(sorry, cannot remember her name) the Prince Regents mistress should get wind of what happened and help Sydney & Charlotte get their happy ending.

  • Gigi - 4 years ago

    Sidney’s character developed episode by episode and in the penultimate episode we knew he was worthy and ready for Charlotte when he said “A man cannot step into the same river twice” and she finished the Heraclitus quote with “ For he is not the same man and it is not the same river.” For him to suddenly become the awful man he proved to be in the finale just does not line up. Especially since he was thrown over by Miss Campion before. Bad bad writing and terrible ending. The characters we grew to become fond of were shown to be all selfish. Tom and his wife knew of Charlotte and Sidney’s feelings. They should’ve/would’ve stepped in.

  • Denise - 4 years ago

    Weve been misled just like Charlotte. A little to real life disappoints than a Jane Austin book allows. Of course love the leading g man but the spare was fine too. Maybe in my mind that might happen if he makes his dreams come true he can tempt her. I have hope this plot of Sidney not having to marry MadamCampion. Maybe the friend Susan who hates her will get her Prince Regent to invest.

    want a second aeason.

  • Parissa Daneshmand - 4 years ago

    Everyone needs to calm down. This is a TV series and of course they ended it that way for it to continue. Image your happy ending what would be a reason for a second season?
    Furthermore I don’t think it strays from Austen. For one, money is always a topic and two, she has written love loss for this reason before (Sense & Sensibility) but not usually for the heroine. In Persuasion though they always loved each other they had to endure years of separation before they were able to come together.
    Austen also always has strong independent heroines and this is no different with the character they have built in Charlotte. So the show must go on to see how she thrives!

  • Jamie Robinson - 4 years ago

    The Babbingtons, Miss Lambe & Arthur Parker arrange for Mrs Denham's 1st love to enter the picture. Now a widower, he invests in Sanditon, eliminating Sidney's need for Mrs C's money, & restoring Mrs D's faith in true love. Mrs C finds out Sidney is broke and marries Sir Edward Denham, who at least has a title, to avoid the embarrassment of her elaborate wedding preparations being for naught. Sidney & Charlotte MUST have their happily ever after ending!!! Miss Lambe should as well, and Mr. Stringer. Alternate source of money: Miss Lambe, who has already shown that she's a great friend to Charlotte, marries in Scotland then her husband donates much of her money to Sanditon, thus proving that he loved her (not her money). Current ending is a unsatisfactory to viewers and J. A. fans

  • Samantha - 4 years ago

    Charlotte always looked constipated. The only thing I am sure I'm sure of is Davies is a dirty

  • Eliza - 4 years ago

    Seriously?!? What just happened??? Is that seriously it?!?

  • Maryann Oronzio - 4 years ago

    I have watched downtown Abbey. Poldark & currently Saditon. There has to be a season two of Sanditon.A cliff hanger for Charlotte & Sidneys love that was never explored is sooooopoo awful????

  • Nancy Brown - 4 years ago

    I’m not giving any more money to PBS unless there is a 2nd season! I almost threw up during the fund raising BS after the performance ended. “What a great series this has been”...WHAT?....ruined when Charlotte and Sidney separate!!! The actors need the extra pay days and we need a good ending...especially during the present political climate!!!

  • Nora Ellen - 4 years ago

    Unfortunately Davies took a Jane Austen Regency period story and made it into his own contemporary soap opera drama that had moments of silly absurdity The characters were brilliant, acting, setting was fabulous but the ending was numbing! Honestly, a man such as Sidney Parker marrying a woman (for money!) that dumped him for an older wealthier man! Please! Even his naive younger brother Arthur stated he’d never trust her! This ex saying that she waited ten years to be with the man she cruelly dumped?? So she married another man only to wait for him to die so she could by chance be with Sidney again?!? That was a bit much.
    Sidney loves Charlotte and after the hurt he went through it would have been Austen like to write a happier suitable ending.
    I could go on and on with the WHAT!? moments but will just state in my humble opinion that overall I did enjoy the several seasons but it was a sorrowful ending that needs much closure.
    If there is to be, I personally hope, a season 2, I truly hope Davies will remember that “Sanditon” is a Jane Austen work NOT a Davies! She wrote of love and integrity and those deserving will have their happy ending....I believe Charlotte and Sidney deserve a happier ending.

  • Judith Hutchinson - 4 years ago

    Choppy and disappointing final episode. I think Davies should give us an episode 9. I refuse to believe there wasn't another way to save Sanditon. Maybe Julian Fellowes should have done the finale. Charlotte and myself needs closure.

  • Laureen Wey - 4 years ago

    I'm not familiar enough with Jane Austen's works to definitively say that Andrew Davies' writing was a far cry from it but, yes, I was underwhelmed with the season's end. Maybe he intentionally wrote it that way to stir up viewer angst that would utimately lead to the support necessary for a second season! ????

  • Veronica Leech - 4 years ago

    I must say I enjoyed most of it. Loved Mr B and Esther ending played well. Sidney surely could have found funds elsewhere. His stupid brother just expected everyone else to bail him out. Charlotte and Sidney were better together than Charlotte and Stringer chemistry there ( remember that dance. ) Let Stringer meet Charlotte's pretty sister from Episode 1 much better match. Lady W can sort it out....bring her back, loved her attitude. Perhaps could be a little one born out of wedlock from the brief action on floor in an earlier episode...........

  • Elaine - 4 years ago

    Need to see Charlotte find happiness and contentment in her life. I want her to face Sidney again, stronger and confident with a new love. I also want to see Sanditon completed.

  • Iliana Okum - 4 years ago

    I was disappointed with this ending. There are too many lose ends. And Charlotte deserves a happy ending or at least an ending that shows her moving forward with prospects for her future. Maybe her friend Lady Susan can step in and create an alternative opportunity. It was too shallow an ending since Sidney Parker truly loved Charlotte.
    I hardly think this ending represents the best of what Jane Austen delivers. Back to the writing tablet, we must have another season. Please.

  • Vonita Bynoe - 4 years ago

    Need a final conclusion to tie up loose ends in the Jane Austen manner.

  • Kris - 4 years ago

    I was terribly disappointed in how Mr. Davies ended the miniseries. It was his duty to tell the story and tie up loose ends - what happened to Charlotte, Sidney, Mr. Stringer and Ms. Lambe??

    If he hoped for a second season of Sanditon, then Davies should a proper ending prepared. They need to do a two hour tie up and finish the story properly at least. I contemplated cancelling my subscription to WTTW/PBS after that terrible incomplete ending!!

  • Susan Rizzo - 4 years ago

    The chemistry between Sydney and Charlotte is wonderful, exciting and needs to continue. They are meant for each other. Therefore, we need a season 2. PLEASE!

  • Megan - 4 years ago

    Glad they didn't marry. I wanted her to marry Mr. Stringer. I know that's not a Jane Austin ending, but I liked the series.

  • Maggie Ciocco - 4 years ago

    I really looked forward to this mini-series....I LOVE Jane Austin! And then the scene with Lady Clara let us say, pleasuring Lord Edward and I was scrambling for the unfinished novel. WTH is this? I don't think Jane Austin wrote this!! Then I started noticing plot twists that were vaguely familiar, like Davis was thinking "well they liked this in Sense and Sensibility, let's use it here" and then when Lady D said "Love? Love? What's love got to do with anything?" I heard Tina Turner in my head, again. WTH?
    I read he ended it like he did because they anticipated a second season if it did well in the States. I don't want a second season, end it already like it should be and be done with this.

  • Dolores Tatter - 4 years ago

    Mr. Davies “Sanditon” was a real disappointment! I hope his adaptation and final Season 1 episode was done to allow for Season 2 and Charlotte to find happiness! I know Jane Austen would have contrived a happier ending for Charlotte and Sidney!!!

  • Gerry - 4 years ago

    Excellent story about people committed to relationships and to their own causes. Doesn't need another Chapter or Season. Very well done!

  • Janet Stotsky - 4 years ago

    I loved Jane Austen. Sanditon didn't resemble it but was still worth watching. Charlotte can do a lot better and should count her lucky stars. I hope Georgianna finds someone deserving.

  • Susan Miccio - 4 years ago

    I wanted so much to enjoy this. Sadly, it felt like a carriage wreck despite the actors soldiering thru cringe-worthy lines and the costume and set design people conjuring pleasant views. Alas, the whole thing screamed "written by a man who doesn't get Austen." Oh, the pandering! Mr. Davies, sir, you are no Jane Austen.

  • Betsy Leiper - 4 years ago

    I know this is silly but it bothered me through out that Charlotte was running around with her long hair flowing whereas everybody else wore it up..I just didn't feel the plot had an Austin feeling...jumping all around.

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