• Sherry - 1 year ago

    Love the camo!

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    If Deana wins or loses...I’m predicting she’ll definitely win, she will do it with grace and character cause even when shes getting negative remarks thrown her way she’s lifting and encouraging all the other contestants...check out her Instagram post!!!

  • David - 1 year ago

    I am amazed at the creativity and the work that has gone into this competition!

    Peggy's narrative was well placed, at the top of the entries, because it helped me understand how the hats relate to the Derby event. And she's right, the more you look at her creation, the more you notice, the more you see.

    To all the contestants: A job well done. A job artistically done. I thank you.

  • Gilda - 1 year ago

    What an amazing finish to a great refashion competition. The hats are all so darn cute and show such creativity. I loved how each contestant pushed the envelope and delivered an abundance of visual loveliness, playfulness, and whimsical inspiration in their hats. Thankfully, I can spread out my votes because these hats are outstanding.

    I especially enjoyed seeing the white/green bowl used as block...I have that bowl (it came with our first dinnerware set 39 years ago).

  • Ginna - 1 year ago

    I enjoyed all the hats here.

    I was looking through trying to find something really different, something that took the idea of the derby hat to a whole new level. Something that blew my ideas of what a hat could be out of the water.

    The camo hat did that for me. I never thought camo could be remotely elegant. Now I see how a talented person can turn even camo into something I'd wear with pride.

  • Dana Holmes - 1 year ago

    Deana my dear, your designs Blow my mind.
    I'm in awe. You are a woman of style & finesse. Love you stuff every week.

  • Kibure Tilahun - 1 year ago

    Good luck

  • Yeshi - 1 year ago

    KT, I’m more and more impressed by what you make. One could wear this hat to a royal wedding with a great pride (I would :)).

  • Gelila Jonew - 1 year ago

    There were amazing hats out there. I love KT’s for the bold color and sophisticated look

  • DR - 1 year ago

    WOW! Incredible multi talented women! Love them all. KT, you stand out for me. The color coordinations are amazing. Something I and many would love to wear and at varies occasions. Looking forward to seeing your creativity at the first place. ????????

  • Joe - 1 year ago

    These were all great submissions with lots of creativity. KT’s 3 designed hats AND dresses are gorgeous and really pop! Way to go. ????????

  • Ed Zeplin - 1 year ago

    All of you gals are quite amazing! It’s been been a pleasure getting to see all y’all’s work these last weeks and thanks so much to Beth for bringing it to us.

  • Marion Daniels - 1 year ago

    Deana Budgell’s hat’s are stunning. WOW.
    Week after week Deana’s designs have been amazing and each week I couldn’t wait to see what was revealed. To finish not just with one but 5 Kentucky Derby hats that are so incredible. The materials that were used are so creative and beautiful. Pictures and presentation ... just amazing!!

  • katy - 1 year ago

    These are all amazing! I love the construction materials of so many of them. Loved seeing the use of silkworm cocoons.

  • Laurie - 1 year ago

    Every one of these ladies is amazing. Great creativity and STYLE. I loved all of them.

  • Kristen Lincoln - 1 year ago

    Deana you have gone above and beyond with all your creativity and hard work!!! These hats are A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!! Incredible ! Congratulations!

  • Brendan F - 1 year ago

    OMG. DEANA. WOW! you are incredible! Your eye and imagination for detail is OUTSTANDING! Not just 1 outfit and hat, but 5! This is wild! You definitely are a cut above! Every week you brought it! From your creative mind, your execution, you sewing abilities, and your presentation! You were flawless and so deserving of the 1st place placement each week. So looking forward to seeing you crowned as the winner of this runway challenge. Much love and admiration for you!

  • JENNIFER BOLLINGER - 1 year ago

    Marisa your work is so beautiful

  • Dana Holmes - 1 year ago

    WOW WOW again.
    Deana Budgell you've outdone yourself.
    The Queen of England should be jealous that your not her hatmaker & seamstress.
    Love them all..

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