Which of the following patient engagement technologies have you personally used in the past year? (multiple answers OK) (Poll Closed)
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  • Ross Martin - 4 months ago

    Can you present this with the percentage against the total number of voters instead of the total number of votes?

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago

    You don’t have an option for none of the above. I’ve found the portal rather worthless for my own health needs and none of my own personal providers have the other features well integrated. For communication directly with my providers, ordinary email is still easier and more efficient.

    However, I did check off patient portal since I’ve used one on behalf of one of my family members. I did this at their request using their password despite the problems with this. Their big vendor EHR portal only allows true proxy access by someone who is also a patient in their health system. This is, of course, silly when family members may live in diverse parts of the country.

    Though I have a small number of patients with frequent health needs for whom the portal is a plus, most have found (as I have) that the hype isn’t aligned with reality. The biggest benefit that I’ve found with my family members health care is detecting errors in the medical record so they don’t continue to percolate into future health care decisions.

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