'Grey's Anatomy' sends Alex off to live with Izzie (and their kids):

  • robyn marchant - 1 year ago

    I loved Alex Karevs character and yes he has developed so much over the years.I felt really sad and annoyed at the lack of respect given to his relationship with Jo considering how broken he was recently after she d had the break down and gone away for a while.I understand how he left in a hurry so they had to come up with something but surely they could have dragged it out longer and then come up with a more realistic ending.Really sad to see you go Alex.

  • thisismenow - 1 year ago

    This is how real life is. The trauma of a person’s past will always haunt them. Alex had a rough upbringing and even did Jo. The ultimate sacrifice of love is to put others before yourself.

    Alex has grown and matured. He sacrificed one love for another for the better of his children. Jo may not like it, but she gets it. The storyline between Alex and Joe and Izzie doesn’t end when the show does. It’s organic and it continues beyond the show.

    That’s one of the disservices of reboots right now, is people are no longer using their imagination to decide where the characters go and to form their own happy endings. Real life has a day end and the next one continues. Storylines intertwine but you move on. No one should seek full closure from all the characters in a storyline. It’s fiction. So it is fine to use your mind and allow yourself to imagine things.

    Maybe after a few months pass Alex and Izzie and the kids go back to Grey Sloan. They have lunch with Meredith and Richard and they catch up. The kids are drawn to Auntie Mer.

    Alex says he needs to leave and he sits down with Jo. She is hurt but they talk it out. She understands sacrifices of love and living in her car and his abusive father. They part as friends (men and women can be nonsexual friends). Jo becomes a part of life and becomes Auntie Jo. She realizes the relationship her and Alex was unhealthy but it took them both maturing to realize that their marriage didn’t work.

    Or Jo could go postal and shoot everyone up and crash on drugs. Alex could beat Izzie and end up being shot by his kids. Then he and Alex could be together again. (This is more to prove that people look at stories differently).

    For those who are screaming about character growth and that Alex would never. Actually, he would. Maturing doesn’t mean you stop making mistakes. Just because you wouldn’t do something if Alex believed he was doing something right, he’d sacrifice his own happiness. In the moment this was his truth and he took it.

  • Deisy - 1 year ago

    I love Alex and Izzie. But him getting back together with her is not fair to Jo. So what if Izzie has Alex's kids? Jo also has Alex's baby! And think about it: Izzie made the decision to use those embriyos BY HERSELF, without asking Alex's opinion if he wanted to build a family with her. Right?? And what about with Jo? With Jo, Alex decided to build a family together. So, yeah, the producers made Alex a jerk by making him get back together with Izzie and leaving Jo raising their baby alone.

  • Patty - 1 year ago

    I wasn't thrilled with how they handled his departure, but not killing him off leaves the option for him to come back if he should ever want to.

  • Lubayna Johns - 1 year ago

    The new Alex who isnt the Evil Spawn anymore would never have left Jo like this. This was an epic fail of an episode and exit for Alex. They should have killed him off and given him a dignified funeral. So disappointing!

  • Gerri - 1 year ago

    Did not want to see Alex killed off. Thought the letters were a different way to handle his exit. I would of loved him saying his goodbye to Mer but not sure I could of handled the goodbye. If Ales really had to leave the show he couldn't of ended up with JO or that would of taken her out of the show. There is a lot they could do with her. All and all I think it was well planned out.

  • Eternity - 1 year ago

    Alex's ending be damned (I know in my heart he only got this story because the actor left), this was the shittiest episode I've ever watched! Basically read 4 letters in 44 mins and put together some scenes from previous seasons... What has Grey's Anatomy become? It's such a shame.

  • cindi sheppard - 1 year ago

    Clever ending. Loved it. Would have hated having him bd killed off. Don’t read too much into it people, it’s a tv show!

  • Maureen - 1 year ago

    Alex would have never left Jo , he knows she has been abandoned so much in her life and was just rejected again by her mother. He knew that better than anyone. The Alex you developed would have been angry with Izzy and fought to be part of his kids life. Epic bad ending

  • Kathy - 1 year ago

    In some reality this ending might be okay, but not in ours.
    The man Alex had grown into I can't see it.

  • Kerry - 1 year ago

    I loved, loved, loved this episode of Karev and cried and cried. I always liked Izzy and Karev together, and this was an appropriate ending for Karev who grew up without a loving family, who depended on himself for success, and wanted the best for HIS children. Jo has her act together now and can take charge of her life...but Karev had a opportunity to make three other lives complete...Shondra did a wonderful job of weaving all of the pieces together to make a powerful move for Karev.

  • Kely - 1 year ago

    I hated it. Alex never would have left Jo like that. I get that the actor's sudden departure created problems for the direction of the character. But I feel like the writers made a passive-aggressive revenge move by making Alex choose Izzie over Jo. They tried to make it OK by putting kids in the mix. They should've just killed him, really.

  • Pam - 1 year ago

    What an absolute waste of our time investing in this character all these years. I’m done with this show. Jumped the shark, writers.

  • Darlene - 1 year ago

    I hate Alex left the show, but this was a PERFECT ending and a much deserved happy ending to his story on Greys. It was probably the last episode I will watch, but will hold out for the rest of this season to see what direction they are taking Meredith. If they keep her with Delucca, I'm done

  • stacey morris - 1 year ago

    As much as it would have sucked they should've killed him it would have made more sense. This is not the Alex we know. Now meredith has no person and probably hates the one she did. Watch the show see how Alex was, everyone would agree this is not him.

  • Laura - 1 year ago

    I'm with you Karen. I've never been so incredibly angry at how a fictional character has been written off a show. There's no freakin' way the Karev we've grown to love would ever just walk out on Jo like that - not even for Izzie and kids. Who the hell ghosts the woman he loves, adores and has stood by through thick and thin! Oh so angry!

  • Karen Watkins - 1 year ago

    I truly hated it! I would much rather have had an unrecognizable Alex turn up in the ER after being hit and killed by a bus. Just saying...

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