Level 3: Jimin vs Ten (Poll Closed)

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  • ggg - 3 months ago


  • ggg - 3 months ago


  • Kaite - 3 months ago

    Please vote jimin

  • anjaniums - 3 months ago

    jimin park

  • Jacqueline - 3 months ago

    Let's vote for our chim chim #JIMIN

  • LoI - 3 months ago

    LOL y are u guys giving trolls attention?... Just vote show love and keep it moving

  • jimin park - 3 months ago

    jimin fighting.
    Army,please vote for jiminine
    always love jimin

  • rhiza mae castillo - 3 months ago


  • kavesent-ann - 3 months ago


  • Lan - 3 months ago

    Jimin cố lên nào

  • clariza - 3 months ago


  • yor~ying - 3 months ago

    I’m Thai, but I voted to Jimin 555555????????????

  • Phika - 3 months ago


  • Eirly - 3 months ago


  • Kathleen - 3 months ago


  • ARMY???? - 3 months ago

    This is to all you idiots who can't shut up your mouth and hide your insecurities because you're not as good as the people you say bad stuff about:

    Get. A. Life (and medical help).

  • Edy - 3 months ago


  • sang sang - 3 months ago

    vote jimin of south korea

  • Hotshortie - 3 months ago

    Park Jimin is absolutely amazing! Love everything about him. He has it all. Seriously, he has it all.

  • Fy - 3 months ago

    Jimin, I like everything that himself his talents. U alway best for me. Like BTS too

  • Random ARMY - 3 months ago

    @Jungkook stan on fire
    Kid, just fuck off from here.
    Jimin deserves to win every poll.
    Nd ew your ugly soul nd probably face too.
    You are an insult to ARMY. ND tbh we don't need you. If you will insult any one of the member anywhere you are not worthy of being called a ARMY, YOU UGLY BITCH.
    You better get your ot1 ass hell outta here.

  • Aranya0203 - 3 months ago

    This is utterly disgusting!!
    How can one differentiate between members of BTS like that! Even their album name screams 7! BTS is all the seven members, or else there is no BTS. Each member has contributed his blood, sweat and tears into what this group is today! All the members immensely love and respect each other. If they will come across such comments by solo stans bashing the other members, they would not have the same faith in their fandom. As an ARMY, it is our defeat! Sorrowful that our fandom stinks of parasites like them! Everyone has a bias, many people love one member particularly more than others, and it's not wrong! Even my bias is Seokjin, and I have a special affection for him. That doesn't mean I don't adore the other members. I will always support them and BTS as a whole! They put such hardwork for us ARMY, and even they have said themselves that dont support only one member, and support everyone! That is what a true ARMY is! To see comments like others are ugly, whore, OMG! You guys don't deserve to be called ARMY, or even don't deserve to support your only stans, because they don't deserve to have shitty fans like you who don't respect BTS as a whole! Despite biases and solo likings, our fandom is OT7 at the core! Hail Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook! Hail all!

  • Khey - 3 months ago


  • Dee - 3 months ago

    Solo stans literally have no rights whatsoever. Your favs would spit on you! It's OT7 or perish! My bias is Seokjin but I would literally fight anyone who would talk shit about other BTS members. You're either an insane solo stan, fake Army pretending to be one but in truth a real hater or just trolling. What a sad life if that's the case! Jimin is such a loving, talented and caring person. He doesn't deserve those negative comments pointed at him. But the again those haters are fucken nobody's!

  • Filter - 3 months ago

    I purple Jimin
    I purple BTS
    Jimin deserves it !! :D

  • Filter Army - 3 months ago

    JiMin is sexy, cutie, lovely>•

  • ARMY - 3 months ago

    YaY congrats for JIMIN
    JIMIN deserves it
    Both are nice people which is why they were so close.
    JIMIN thank you for your hard work.

    I purple Jimin
    I purple BTS

  • ARMY - 3 months ago

    I honestly can NOT believe what I’m reading it’s really disgusting and sad seeing “fans” preferring their favorite member and saying RUDE comments about the other member.
    Jimin has worked so hard, as hard as each member in bts.
    There is no reason to hate on other members, no reason what so ever.
    TRUE ARMYs do NOT Leave hateful comments about any of the members PERIOD.
    For those that do not appreciate all the members should just leave -_- and not leave hateful comments.

    BTS ARE 7!!

  • You are cause of my Euphoria - 3 months ago

    Jungkook my times paved the way with no 1 in USA iTunes , v stans has to make it a competition and get a no 1 for the ost

  • Take Profit - 3 months ago

    I think those who bash Jimin are not JK’s or Tae’s fans. They’re not ARMY. They’re anti-BTS.
    My bias is Jimin and I’ve never liked Tae, Suga and Jin. I try to like them because Jimin loves them and because they’re boys who made up BTS. Without Jimin, there’s no BTS. The same goes for each of the other 6 boys.

    Btw, I like Ten too. Had Ten been up against someone else, I’d vote for Ten.

  • 성민나 - 3 months ago

    우리, 아미들이 정말 지민오빠 축하합니다. 방탄오빠와 아미 영원 함께. 보라해 ????

  • 성민나 - 3 months ago

    Don't be dump to fight. BTS members are perfect, so don't compare them. Number 7 is the most beautiful with their, you guys thought that they liked us keep fighting even we in same family??!!! Just opening your mind and thinking about the conflict you made and fix it. Don't show your childish, we need love each other and supporting BTS. I hope you guys understand this

  • 10ver - 3 months ago

    Congrats Jimin & his supporters! Wish you all the best for the final round!

    Ten, you know we love you, right? It's what you said "nothing to regret about if you tried you best". We did try about best voting against one of the strongest Kpop fanbases! It' so much fun and made our team stronger! Cheers!

  • jungkook stan on fire - 3 months ago

    I hope jm can stay away from our king jungkook

  • jungkook stan on fire - 3 months ago

    jimin win?ew no????

  • Jungkook IT Boy - 3 months ago

    Jungkook is the best,jimin flop ugly.Jimin popular bcs if jungkook yll stop praising your ugly idol.JUNGKOOK IT BOY????

  • jimin is better than you - 3 months ago

    jungkook and taehyung stans are so pathetic like that's crazy

  • Jiya - 3 months ago

    @ Jk go solo
    Sweetheart we need to talk
    You need someone to talk to. Do me a favour and message me at twitter. I would love to talk to you. My username is jiyak15.

  • Татьяна - 3 months ago


  • Army for life - 3 months ago

    I don't understand why you are fighting !! It's so stupid v and jimin and jk and the other members are so close to each other. How can you hate these angels?? IDK much about ten but I'm sure that he is also amazing. Calling them ugly and not talented and all is so dumb.
    I hate such narrow minded people and I think u should understand this and reflect on it. Change for the better .
    Because I'm sure the members don't want this to happen. They have worked so hard and plz don't embarrass them like this. If you really love them u would understand

  • Army for life - 3 months ago

    We did it!!!
    Plz ignore all the solo stand
    Even the members themselves said that they don't consider people who only love one of them as Army.

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    I'll answer you why jimin and v stans fight a lot...
    V stans are Taekookers and jimin stans are jikookers. They both need jungkook to stay relevant that's why they fight among each other

  • really ?? - 3 months ago

    I want to know... Why they fight a lot. (V stan and Jimin stan) ???

  • Bbbbb - 3 months ago

    @Jk then for what you're doing here attention seeker

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Miss jiminie really thought we voted for that ugly ? Lol

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Have you heard My time? Holy cow, what a cringe song!!! Yikes, if he didn’t have fans that Stan looks, he’d be in real trouble

  • Army - 3 months ago

    We do the best thing for our idol. We are good fan.
    Thank you NCT's fan. Thank you Army. It was really fun

  • Jk - 3 months ago

    Miss jiminie , jk stans have standard . I know you pjms are Jikookers so you need jk to make your fav relevant but don't think we jjks care about jimin or Jikook or Taekook so stfu

  • T - 3 months ago

    I am right, the consequences have come to you already

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    i love vicariously through idol lives because my life is depressing in real life

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Shut up pjm monkeys. Jk stans would never vote for any ugly whore . We only vote for jk . Other members can go to hell

  • Regina - 3 months ago

    Jimin's antis flop
    Taekokers flop
    Tae solo stans flop

  • Army - 3 months ago

    If you only love 1 of 7. You're not army. Go away

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    I wish my parents loved me

  • J - 3 months ago


  • Bbbbb - 3 months ago

    Thank you ten fans & pjms & real Armys who voted for our own favorite good work guys

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Hdiekeso bitch you had the audacity to raise your tongue against the most popular member?

  • jiminie - 3 months ago

    thank you Jin & JK stan for helping voting for our Jiminie, love u all

  • แม่น้องเตนล์ - 3 months ago

    ทุกคนเก่งมากๆๆแล้วค่ะ ขอบคุณที่ทำงานหนักนะคะ

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    every day i come online and obsess over the bts boys relationships because I’m a freak with no life. I get so jealous that they have things I lack, love and friendship. a lot of people don’t talk to me irl because I’m such a loser. It kind of sucks.. sorry

  • Hdiekeso - 3 months ago

    Haha I see I hit a nerve! You know it’s true - he was put as the main vocalist because his voice is kpop formula: It ain’t distinct yo. He sounds like so many others, he better thank god he was lucky to land in BTS

  • Random ARMY - 3 months ago

    @Jk go solo
    Just fuck off.
    You are a real WHORE here.
    Go nd watch cartoons kid.
    JIMIN won even after you all ot6 stan were voting for TEN( i respect him tho)
    Cry hard looserss!(fake ARMYs) (TAEKOOKERS)

  • Army - 3 months ago

    Tenstan you are great. Anyway.
    We just hate anti not you guys

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Jimin will always be a whore and flop so don't be loud pjms . Be soft like vitches

  • Taekook is ugly - 3 months ago

    @ JK go solo
    Hey bvtch no one ask your trash solo opinion here,you calling members sl*t , you're literally trash,go away fr0m under Jimin's poll and army fandom

  • Bbbbb - 3 months ago

    @jk go solo need some attention bitch coming here like a whore

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    sorry for attacking jimin guys. I’m actually a depressed teenager who hates kpop boys for a sense of superiority. my family doesn’t love me and I hate myself so much

  • Army - 3 months ago

    Anti??? How are you :))))

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    To jiddme , fck off bitch

  • VMIN ONLY - 3 months ago

    while are y'all here hating on jm and th theyre out there breaking records!! theyre the best duo cry about it ;)

  • penchii - 3 months ago

    Ten is still the best boy ???????????? Thank ü 10velys for ur hardwork!!????????

  • Jennie - 3 months ago

    Muchas felicidades jimin espero que gane

  • Maknae line akgaes - 3 months ago

    why are u here.. just go

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Bitch jk is main vocalist, most searched idol on every platform . We don't cheat like pjms fuck off

  • Army - 3 months ago

    Army ah.. we won. Yeah yeah

  • Dyy - 3 months ago


  • vmin hottest duo - 3 months ago

    congratulations jimin! deserves thanks for everyone who vote! :)

  • Natalie - 3 months ago

    Park JIMIN

  • นรน - 3 months ago


  • Jiddme - 3 months ago

    JK thinks he is so great when in reality he sounds like every other kpop singer. You could not tell the difference in a blind taste test. All JK does is copy other people. You know it’s true.

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    I am surprised how loud flop jimin's fans are . Tae is flopping but atleast his stans know it but pjms act like their fav is winning but totally flopping lol

  • Bbbbb - 3 months ago

    @x jimin only chart in korea where were you? When filter was charting around the world
    Oh maybe you're hiding BC your favorite was flopping hard that time lol

  • J - 3 months ago

    Jk go solo go get a fucking kife. You are probably some annoying Malaysian sea bitch go to hell

  • T - 3 months ago

    BTS forever

  • VMIN FOREVER - 3 months ago

    fuck yall vmin forever! go cry about it keep on fighting thats not change the fact that vmin are literally soulmates and grateful to have each other!

  • Random - 3 months ago

    And we're done!! Good job guys! All the flop stans pretending to be solo stans and trying to distract us in the replies, great job that did nothing and got you no where but at least you provided some entertainment, go vote for your faves instead of being embarrassing :)
    ARMY fighting!

  • MinChu - 3 months ago

    Okay ARMY, we did great!

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Jimin is such a whore around jk or he wouldn't even be the 5th most popular in BTS
    1. Jk
    2. Suga
    3. Jin
    4. V
    5 . Jimin

  • LACHIMOLALA¹³ - 3 months ago

    ThankYou ARMY!!

  • J-min - 3 months ago

    In the end BTS & ARMY always win. Good job ARMY!

  • vmin the best duo - 3 months ago

    we can do it guys!! keep on voting for our jimin ❤

  • unknown - 3 months ago

    hahahah what happen with ARMY????

  • Army - 3 months ago

    Army Forever BTS Forever

  • 10velymoon - 3 months ago


  • T - 3 months ago

    BTS forever

  • kj - 3 months ago

    the only reason tae is the 3rd most popular member is because of shippers. if it weren't for shipper suga or jin would be the 3rd. he's hanging on a thread because of shippers only. not because he's talented or good looking.

  • Nunu - 3 months ago

    BYE HATERS!!!!

  • Jk go solo - 3 months ago

    Jimin acts like a whore around jungkook and V is a whore of Seojoon . Attention seekers

  • Army - 3 months ago

    Army Forever BTS Forever

  • READ THIS - 3 months ago

    taehyung did not beg for us to stream sweet night on weverse. all people in the music industry does that,, that’s what you call promoting. uncultured swines. even if taehyung did not promote it, it would still be charting #1 worldwide. and also, don’t claim yourself on being a taehyung stan, jungkook stan, jin stan. they’re a group, love them all equally, treat them equally, support them equally. no one should be left out. don’t be proud that you’re a solo stan, its disgusting and we don’t accept you in the fandom. we don’t claim solo stans and ot6. be an ot7 or leave. easy peasy.

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