Do you think Kate burned her company owned truck at her workplace?


  • Daniel Sullivan - 4 years ago

    This whole “let her be and she has a right to do her thing” comments are bullshit. She has tried to steal his company and bankrupt him and have him arrested. She is a low life scumbag hypocrite who deserves to get shamed. Fuck her and I know she will arrested soon for the fire and breaking into his company and trying to shut down his revenue source through the turtleboy store. I can’t wait till she is arrested. She deserves every thing coming her way!

  • Nnjjhh - 4 years ago

    To much let her be she has a right to do what she wants on youtube just like you if you move on it would make everything much better kate has a right to express her opinions you express to your ppl how you feel everyday she hasn't attacked you via YouTube or Facebook or discord time to move on

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