Will you listen to more podcasts during the quarantine or less?


  • Blue Wave Rider - 4 years ago

    I listen to A LOT of podcasts already. It reduces the number of audio books I listen to each month. Most of my listening happens at the job or riding on the bus. Maybe you an Karen can recommend a few podcasts for us Podcasters.

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  • Rebecca Michetti - 4 years ago

    I listen to all my PC's at work. I have a bunch of other things I can do at home to pass the time if and when we get quarantined up here. I'll listen to PC's but not as many as I do at work. Im begggin to be quarantined I got video games and beading to get to. Social distancing in Maine is called Winter and if you dont have at least a week supplies on hand here you're dumb, cause Nor'Easters are no joke.

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