Who Won Tonight's Democratic Debate?

  • SAMUEL G ELLIS - 1 year ago

    If I believed this was a reputable poll, then all the nasty comments would not be there, so since I read some of the nasty comments I believe this poll is fake and the results are fake, nice people have no reason to say mean and nasty things about either comment.

  • Emma - 1 year ago

    Too funny people inspired by Biden’s lying commenting here to lie about his lying. Also disgraceful. Be good humans, stop trying to force a liar who can’t treat some things and children - or working class voters - with proper respect and decency! Stop protecting the racist status quo like unthinking selfish beasts!

  • Mia - 1 year ago

    Dear Biden supporters;

    LOOK AT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. They're there. All you have to do is look them up and watch them to know that Joe lied. Not once, not twice, but three times in a row. Just because he denies it, doesn't mean it's not true. Facts ARE facts. If you vote for Joe, don't you DARE try to blame the people that refused to vote for a LIAR. Enjoy 4 more years of the orange clown.

  • Alice - 1 year ago

    Biden lied sooo much it was embarrassing! We don't need another dishonest President in the White House. Bernie won simply by being honest and showing he actually cares about every day people.

  • Birdie or Bust - 1 year ago

    Bernie is a true leader. Votes the right choice even when it's not popular. He's honest, has integrity, has the genuine concern and care for the people of this country. His 30 year track record is factual proof. It's spotless. He doesn't sniff girls hair, have children sit on his lap, he doesn't treat normal people like shit, he doesn't sway back and forth on policies, he doesn't lie. Bernie is the only candidate in this race that's Presidential. If you think Biden has any chance of beating Trump, you're out of your mind. Only an extreme Left can confront an extreme Right. Only then, will there be balance in the Force. Bernie Sanders, he is our only hope.

  • ridi j - 1 year ago

    CNN and it's panel of Biden bootlickers really tried to spin it hard after the debate. Shame on them. Just GROSS pandering and behind-kissing for an hour after it was over. CNN was founded by a billionaire, and employs millionaires to moderate "fair" debates.

    Biden's quote about universal health care not working in Italy should have been condemned by all. NO ONE is blaming single payer for the severity of the outbreak there. Single payer doesn't prevent pandemics, it prevents families from going broke during and after a pandemic.

    Vote, people. Vote like your life depends on it.

  • dave k - 1 year ago

    What do you want? Do you want equality for all? This is an easy choice for me. Bernie is advocating for a more equitable economy and social structure.

  • Tracy Nickels - 1 year ago

    Biden himself told a voter after the guy "you work for me" Biden snapped at him "I don't work for you"! Don't be a horses ass! BIDEN like all of the Gops Does not work for the people! Little Trump jr. wishes a million Americans die from the virus! Bernie won the debate! He Will be the 46tallth president and we chase All the swamp monsters back in their holes, Biden with them! BernieYESBiden NO!

  • Matthew Hartman - 1 year ago

    Bernie is winning the policy debate hands down, not even close.Exit polls are clearly showing this.

    Biden is winning the electability arguement puffed up by the establishment media narrative.

    If Biden is the nominee he needs mass turnout to beat an incumbent President who is beloved by his supporters.

    Biden is not getting mass turn out. And it will be no one's fault but Biden's. Votes are earned, not granted, no matter how scary the monster on the other side is. You can not win a general election with just voters 60 and above. Basic math.

    I hope everyone's ready for 4 more years of Trump on the heels of a pandemic. I hope greed was worth it.

  • Terry J. Jackson - 1 year ago

    Bernie Sanders did very good

  • Daniel A Rincones - 1 year ago

    Biden lied ,lied and lied in our face !people dont see it or pretend they dont see it!

  • Christopher Kennard - 1 year ago

    Joe Biden's defense of his record will wilt when actually confronted, time and time again in the future days and weeks ahead until his campaign collapses and Bernie Sanders takes center stage.

    When Joe Biden's verifiable record is put side by side against Bernie Sanders, who is the most honest person we have in the upper ranks of our government . . . .and whose integrity in his personal, professional and political life and career is well known by voters . . . well, good ole' Joe just isn't going to look so good in the mirror any more.

    America has a choice. We have gone back and forth between those who do not tell the truth and those few honest ones who do.

    Joe Biden has well represented the well-endowed crowd who have paid him well handsomely over the decades but Joe did not fully represent the average American man, woman or child whose best interests were second to the 1% mega-wealthy few who have owned most politicians for many years. While a "nice" fella . . . Biden will represent "open season"

    I will bet the future to someone who is honest and has the integrity to lead us to become a better nation to all of our people . . . Bernie Sanders won the debate both for telling the truth of what has been going on for decades and for having a far better plan for moving our nation, our people and the world forward on a positive, wholly possible path to greet the future ahead.

    Let's go, America! This is our chance of a lifetime to take and make it happen! The people's peaceful progressive "political revolution" can usher in honesty in our government and real representation for the people . . . all of us . . . the 99% of the American people . . . unified with Bernie Sanders our President, elected overwhelmingly on Nov. 3rd, 2020 Election Day as Bernie goes on to "dump Trump!"

  • Robin Bates - 1 year ago

    Biden is beholden to Big Pharma, the Insurance Industry, and various other SuperPacs.
    Even if all things were equal policy-wise, the coal and pharmacy industries still own Biden.
    Not Bernie, however.
    His money comes from us, not them.
    He's always fought for us, not them.
    I want big money out of our politics!
    And I had to chuckle when Biden said he didn't want to debate policy anymore as soon as Bernie brought up those points.
    An hour and a half into the debate, and now he doesn't want to debate policy anymore...lol.
    I'm sure you don't, Joe. I'm sure you don't. ????☺

  • Nicole Lassiter - 1 year ago

    For those of u claiming Joe Biden lied, I have one question for u, what the hell were u watching?, Because it wasn't tonights debate! Joe Biden clearly said yes he voted for the Iraq war because he believed the Repuvlican president at the time , and let's be clear a whole bunch of people voted for it, hell I approved of it at the time too. He felt like he was protecting this Country. The Sicial Security thing was misconstrued. All he said was everything was on the table at the time in order to get something that was important passed. He never said he wanted to cut Social Security. Bernie took a clip and he is deceiving people. He is the real Liar! Shame on him! And shame on everybody pushing that lie!

  • Corey Z - 1 year ago

    Since nobody else is going to address the blatant voter suppression and outright fraud happening in every primary across the country then I guess I’ll have to. The voter machines are flipping votes, there’s no other explanation for the massive discrepancies between exit polls and the actual results.









  • Andrew Colomy - 1 year ago

    I have no idea why so many people think Bernie won. He did terrible in this debate. All he did all night was virtue signal and blame rich people for everything like he always does. At least Joe Biden elaborated on how he was going to get his policies passed. Bernie didn't. Bernie would deflect or use some sort of diversionary tactic to avoid having to answer the question. he looked angry and nervous the entire debate. People claiming Bernie won very clearly either didn't watch the debate or are just saying Bernie won because of the cultish mentality they have, that their golden child Bernie can do no wrong. These people make me sick.

  • Emilio - 1 year ago

    Joe Biden would steal a hot stove deny irrespective of the blisters on his hands.

  • Longjohn119 - 1 year ago

    Well it's easy to see hat the pre-planned Bernie Bro Talking Points are ......

    Biden is going to win for the same reason Clinton beat Sanders ..... He'll get millions more votes

    Sander lost the Popular Vote by 12 percentage points in 2016 ..... Losing by 12 points isn't a conspiracy, it's a azz whooping ...... He is a sore loser and NOT A DEMOCRAT ......

  • Amy - 1 year ago

    Sanders gave Biden so many chances to just tell the truth, but Biden just had to keep pushing lie after lie. I mean, it was a mite validating when he was caught in them, but infuriating that he thinks so little of all this - and us, the voters - that he won't bother to be honest! It was highly insulting in that light. If we don't get Sanders, Trump will absolutely beat Biden, because while they both will lie, Trump is the incumbent and is doesn't laugh as he lies, which is unsettling when Biden does it.

    At least Sanders is honest. To a fault, at times. But better than lies, any day, I say.

  • Dusty - 1 year ago

    Lying throughout a debate doesn't win it. Biden definitely lost.

  • Margot - 1 year ago

    Biden lied so much it was just embarrassing. One right after another. I know that’s how Trump got into the White House but has that set a precedent of how to get elected? It was just so blatant. Bernie explains pretty clearly that he absolutely does not support or agree with authoritarian countries including Cuba, Russia, China and countries in the East but that it was unfair to deny that they may have some good points about them. And Joe was just taking that as Bernie loves communist, authoritarian countries. I mean, Joe, we all just heard what Bernie said. You’re like that weird bully running for student body president who yells “ hey look, Bernie wears cords, lol!”. So ridiculous. I pray we don’t get another liar and chief in the White House.

  • Ken Pataky - 1 year ago

    Being a BOLD FACED LIAR absolutely and automatically d/q's one from being elected President. People who continue to support Biden knowing that...are mentally unhealthy and deluded. Bernie did his best to point out Biden's horrible record and lies...though the moderators worked even harder to control the "debate" in Biden's favor. I give Bernie the win...first and foremost b/c he is a man of integrity, while Biden is clearly not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-upzatcefYg (watch esp. 2:00 where Biden brags about trying to cut SS several times). Receipts!!

  • Elizabeth - 1 year ago

    This poll is getting “brigaded” by young people on Reddit just an FYI... But I think it was a tie . Bernie didn’t do enough to convince older voters , he just had his stump speech , and Biden lied over and over !! I don’t know who I’ll vote for But it won’t be TRUMP

  • Ray - 1 year ago

    Comrade Sanders told lies all night long. His campaign is entirely about his ego, he has no concern for the Democratic Party. Give it up, Bernie!

  • Bea Garthx - 1 year ago

    I agree with Brenda. Biden lied saying he had not supported the war in Iraq when in fact he actually helped promote it. He also lied claiming he never supported cutting social security, veterans benefits and medicare, when he is on record for doing it multiple times, and even bragged about it. He also seemed to jump at borrowing part of Bernie's platform. Which perhaps is really part and parcel of his tendency to claim credit when credit is not due. This was the first time ever he has said anything about being against fracking.I honestly doubt his sincerity to stick to that position. He also said he would select a woman as vp, something Sanders already said in his Fireside chat yesterday. Biden still seemed to stick to his position of being against Medicare for All, something I am certain will not be popular with the people of America as they continue to face this corona virus pandemic.

  • Brenda - 1 year ago

    Biden told several outright lies. We have enough of that in the White House already. I support the only candidate that could pass a lie detector test. Bernie Sanders.

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