What COVID-19 related, temporary changes would you like to see to HIStalk? (multiple answers OK). (Poll Closed)
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  • DOUG BROWN - 2 months ago

    We have several ad hoc polls running now. Let us know what we can survey for readers.

  • DZAMD - 2 months ago

    For true statistical significance, you might consider changes the rank order of the options :)

  • JT - 2 months ago

    I think there is probably industry specific (i.e. healthcare organizations of all sizes and shapes) news that would be shared with HIStalk as a trusted advisor/resource and could be helpful to readers. Most organizations are understandably being very careful with how they're parsing out any news. But what is really going on in the surgery suite, ER or ICU of your local hospital? How are physician offices experiencing this outbreak? Do they all feel prepared? What more do they need? What would they ask the public to do differently? How can we help them? Do they feel their EHRs are helping or hindering them right now? Are the policies and protocols they've had in place for these types of crisis actually working now? I am not interested in a rehash of the same stuff I hear on cable news, just what people in the trenches are thinking and doing.

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