Is your city under quarantine?


  • LaKeta - 3 years ago

    We dont have any curfews yet, but all schools are closed until further notice. As soon as shit got real, I got a letter from my doctor that I didn't need to be in the office due to my MS, which was 3/12, and I'm still waiting to be told I can pick up my computer, but a coworker told me yesterday that no one is in the office now. Stores have changed their hours & limited the quantities of certain items. Not an official quarantine, I guess, but getting closer.

  • Rebecca Michetti - 3 years ago

    My job and my husbands job are waiting till someone in our factories to contract the virus before they'll shut down. I work for an electronics manufacturer and he works at a paper mill. Im told that if I want to take time off I wont be marked for it but I wont get paid for it either, so guess how that's working out. Fortunately we havent had any cases in either plant but Im watching the infection rate double on our state CDC website on a daily basis.
    'That Rona' episode is wonderful and I appreciate all your hard work from home.

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