Which leaders are doing a good job in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak? (more than one answer OK). (Poll Closed)
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  • RobN - 6 months ago

    I'm sure there are folks at the Whitehouse working very hard on this issue, but it doesn't help that the man in charge takes every opportunity to try and blame someone else for his own mistakes. My governor, as well as many others, have been taking the lead on being transparent and actionable to situations as they change, as well as make clear what future plans might look like.

  • Barry 6 - 6 months ago

    The White House? Seriously? Give me FDR, Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama... But this President? I just listed 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats so this has nothing to do with partisanship. This is about competence, science. So for now we have Dewine, Cuomo and Newsom to lead us. There are Democrats and Republicans who can provide leadership. Thankfully these governors are leading.

  • Don Lyons - 6 months ago

    Get rid of Seema Verma...

  • Anonymous - 6 months ago

    Agree with Mark S that the White House response has been atrocious. Our lives will never be the same, even for those who survive the illness or escape unaffected. And the White House could have mitigated some or much of this with pandemic planning long before this hit and an early aggressive response as soon as it arose. There have been simulation data available for years with lessons learned about pandemic response and we are playing out every mistake in the book. CDC and FDA have had some challenges but are trying to do what’s needed. Tony Fauci is a national hero and voice of knowledge and reason is this mess.

  • Nick - 6 months ago

    As I said in my blog last week
    We are in desperate need of our Gene Kranz (the FLight director for the Moon landing of Apollo 11 and also Flight Director for Apollo 13). He is famously (but incorrectly) quoted as saying "Failure is not an option" (but he did use this as his book title)
    There are many folks I believe trying hard to be the leader this country needs and navigating a challenging line given some of the behavior of our political leaders but none IMHO have emerged as the voice and inspiration we are in such desperate need of. In one comment on LinkedIn to this post
    Dave (Dafydd) Williams, MD, NASA astronaut, former hospital CEO, an entrepreneur was suggested as someone who could rise to the challenge.
    My guess (and genuine hope) is someone does rise above the current crisis like Gene Kranz or Sir Winston Churchill to emerge as this leader that everyone can *and* does get behind

  • TroyBolton - 6 months ago

    The kid's high school is doing a fantastic job. Using every bit of Office 365 Education on their school issued Surface Pros, they are not missing a beat. And maybe doing better without the social distraction. The school's IT dept, also rolled out Teams in response to the closure which they are now using for additional collaboration. With this experience I feel they could easily handle getting their college degrees on-line.

  • mark s - 6 months ago

    How the heck did the White House get any votes for doing a good job in responding to the pandemic? I find it hard to believe that anyone would be that delusional or uninformed.

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