Will the quarantine have to be extended because people didn't follow instructions?

  • Doug B - 6 months ago

    They already extended to April 30th in the city where my job is at because too many people still walking around like it ain't their problem. I'm waiting for the rest of L.A. county to follow suit.

  • Alicia - 7 months ago

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind if the quarantine is extended. I actually like "working" from home. I'm an introvert and home body anyway. And any time my kids ask me can they go somewhere and spend my money I'm like no because of the corona virus. Both of their birthdays are in April and now I won't have to spend a lot of money on TWO birthday parties, why? The corona virus. My birthday is this Saturday and I didn't have nothing planned anyway but now I have an excuse not to go out and spend money, the corona virus. Hey, this ain't too bad as long as we stay distant and wash our hands. I don't fuck with people anyway lol. And that stimulus package just got approved this morning. This virus is actually helping me save money. Maybe I can get a house after all. Stay safe y'all!

  • Shay.Dee.Dame - 7 months ago

    I felt that Reading Rainbow segment. I’m one of the black people that has NEVER said the n-word.
    I was raised in the Nation of Islam, and the way that respectability politics are setup in that religion, the “n-bomb” shit was not allowed ????
    I mean, I’ve been away from that religion since I was old enough to move out of my parents house in college. I am a swine-loving, wine-swilling, kinda slutty-dressing ass woman. Yet, that’s the one thing that I can’t erase from my consciousness.
    My dad always said, “If you marinate a steak in shit, then rinse it off, does that make it edible?” When faced with people who did say that word and claim that it can mean anything positive.
    Yeah, I’m old and grown af now, married, paying my mortgage and putting a kid through college. But some things die hard.

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