Did you always know Kanye was lying?

  • Kemdoc - 2 years ago

    Never really cared or took a side. It was Kim and Kanye versus Taylor. In other words three stunt queens, all of which have rabid irrational followings. All of which cannot stand when they’re irrelevant so they have to invent a grievance. And even without caring, it is nice to see Taylor pull out her little joker on them. Anytime the kardashian/Jenner machine and ‘slavery was a choice’ suffer a setback I blankstareband then move on. They all still rich as fukk and them mixed children will be next up in the tv show pipeline. Hopefully Kim will keep her prison abolitionist role going to help some more people. Now that, I respect.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    I brought into the Taylor Swift hate for a few years so I believed Kanye especially when Kim released the tape. I don't mind Taylor Swift now.

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