Did the D.A.R.E. program make you scared to do drugs as a kid?


  • Doug B - 3 years ago

    No, it wasn't DARE, it was my momma. She worked the ER rooms and medical clinics since she got out of the high school in the early 70s. She would tell us all the drug horror stories and side effects. In elementary school she told us to never leave a drink unattended. She would tell us about the drug laws and how they'd affect us. She had me to the point that if I looked at some drugs I'd expect to be sucking dick in a back alley for crack in no time.

    I had just assumed it was a thing from her growing up in Detroit. But when I got high school and they had drug prevention week, all us black kids were upset we had to sit through info we already know. It was funny when our health teacher was telling the story about his former colleague who was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, my buddy yelled, "Of course you got robbed, you let a crackhead stay in your house."

    So maybe you're right Rob, being wary of hard drugs might be a black thing.

  • Kemdoc - 3 years ago

    Grew up in Brooklyn and then right outside of Queens. DARE posters were around sparsely but I never saw anyone doing whatever it is they do.

  • Mikell - 3 years ago

    Nope it was the show called OZ on HBO that did it for me lol

  • Iman - 3 years ago

    D.A.R.E was just a fun break instead of being in class. My parents and cousins made me afraid of ever doing drugs. My family owns and operates a foster care agency and my parents were always honest with us about why some kids were in care. It’s not always abuse, but neglect because their parents were in drugs. And if a cousin went down a dark path, my parents let us know. Seeing the before/after of cousins who were in and out of drug life always scared the hell out of me and broke my heart.

  • ebibebi - 3 years ago

    We still had DARE when I was coming up. I don't remember being scared, I'd be lying if I said it had no effect on the way I thought about and saw drugs for a very long time.

  • April - 3 years ago

    My best friend and I was on a double date as teens and the three of them started smoking weed in the car. The cops pulled us over and spoke to us separately and when it was my turn I cried and told on them and said they can drug test me because I didn't smoke anything! Not knowing that I was wailing and that my friend could hear everything! awkward ride back to my home. I regret NOTHING! I smoked my first and only at age 44!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 3 years ago

    Ooooo, we had the DARE program as a kid. The DARE cops would come to my school and show us pictures of the different types of drugs and then show us people fucked up on drugs. Infected wounds from needles, collapsed nostrils, black lungs.... scared me straight. I didn't try weed until I was 29! I didn't try a cigarette until I was 40. They should bring DARE back to get kids to stop vaping. Lol.

  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    My crackhead auntie made me scared of doing drugs too lol. My other auntie used to call her a rockstar lmao

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